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Jun 1, 2007
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Sep 30, 2020
    1. Beastwarsfan95
      The updated sprinter is posted!
    2. Flexx Ark
      Flexx Ark
      Nice! I will use this as my screen saver.
    3. Autobus Prime
      Autobus Prime
      GW: I was just looking at the Toy Fair Beast Hunters photos. Congrats on becoming an official Transformer! :D

      (A bit late, I know)
    4. TrueNomadSkies
      I remember him being hella scary (along with Bludgeon), but when I got back into collecting, I couldn't decide which repaint I liked better (Darkwind or Skyfall), so eventually I ended up with both. They're kinda like brothers or someshit right now, and if things got outa control, I'm pretty sure they'd take over a shelf in no time.
    5. TrueNomadSkies
      Speaking of sigs, I'm pretty sure it was yours that made me want Universe Darkwind. Just thought that was worth saying. :)
    6. Grimwing
      Dig the signature and thanks for crediting me. Better than I expected.
    7. eagc7
    8. eagc7
      what ya mean?
    9. eagc7
      Not sure what your seeing, but other than the entertainment pack deluxes. The rest of the line has really jumped some engineering hurdles. Transformation is the special feature. Why complain.
      no im not complaining, i want the toys despite im not a fan of the designs but some ppl have been saying it doesnt make sense that i want them, so thats why i made that thread
    10. eagc7
    11. eagc7
      i wish i had target. want thsoe comcis that comes with Space case, jazz, arcee, Bee, ratchet and starscream
    12. eagc7
    13. [Wing_Saber-X]
    14. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Hi yeah, it is pretty interesting, this 'elite' guard Prime deco...but yeah The rest of the Elite Guard Team will have to wait. ;)
      Jazz/ Blurr/ Sentinal/ EG BB and EG Prowl.
    15. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Here's my latest buy:-
      Animated Elite Guard Optimus Prime
      (Million Publishing Japan Exclusive!!)
      Wonder why there is some hate for this repaint?
      IMHO he looks much darker and striking in person. It's just bad lighting that makes the red look dull and 'washed out'.

      Just need the Black Prime Animated repaint to complete my Animated Primes lineup.
    16. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Thanks man! totally agree on the playability. The show character of Ginrai was my fave growing up. :D
      And congrats too on obtaining FP Multitioner and Explorer. Those rock. :D
    17. [Wing_Saber-X]
      My latest guilty pleasure:-
      Vintage Godmaster MIB (used) C-307 God Ginrai
      and MISB C-309 Godbomber. heck yeah.

      Am especially proud of the MISB god Bomber as it's pretty rare and has slightly diffrent moulding to his front head-lights in trailer mode!
    18. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Hey man, thanks. :)
      With all the good hype surrounding DOTM Shockwave, it was a no brainer to actually try and buy him too. :D
      OOh, good haul there on your part!
    19. [Wing_Saber-X]
      :lolz on a roll here...just won the auction for DOTM Shockwave...:D
    20. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Thanks, man! :)
      ^Yes, agreed that $45 is slightly on the steep side. But keep in mind that prices here for Leader Class figs are around Ringgit Malaysia (My currency RM270), which in terms of conversion to USD is just about right (USD $1 = RM3.04) aka USD$90 x 3.04. Id take the mark up in the price of shipping to have him two months or so earlier than his planned release sometime in May 2011.

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