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    1. soundwave144
      yeah, 16 was soooo long ago. im glad to hear things are going well! if botcon wasn't just two states away, I wouldn't be going either!
    2. 2003 Megatron
      2003 Megatron
      Blue ray looks so much better than dvd lol. Can't go wrong with steel book blue ray.
    3. soundwave144
      It has been a bit! Just celebrated our 6 yr anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Starting to save monies for crimmus AND botcon... It's my first one so I'm excited! And other than that, just day to day. Oh, and my son turned 16 in September which meant that now he has a car AND a job. Dern kids and their fancy growing up too fast and stuff... How about you? How are things across the state line?
    4. 2003 Megatron
      2003 Megatron
      Hey man what's up buddy? Yes it's been a while. I just been building my Mp collection with official and 3rd party figures. My wallet is a smoldering wreck lol. What's up with u?
    5. soundwave144
      oh, not a whole lot goin on around here. just finished crimmus shopping yesterday and now we're just looking forward to next Friday when we have to make an excursion up north to meet up with the ex-wife to let the kid visit his mom for the holidays...yay. what are you in school for? college or high school?
    6. soundwave144
    7. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      College huh, hopefully all worked-related problems! Hopefully have my lab report finished by tomorrow night so I can enjoy at least one evening of free time before revision starts.
      Very nice, a hell of an intro to the console, getting a LoZ and a new Mario at the same time! Did you not play the original Wind Waker? Awesome title, really is. My only negative was that I wanted more dungeons....but I tend to say that about all Zeldas post MM. What movie, any good?

      Just 3D World and Blacklist for me this year, though I fully intend to pick up Pikmin 3, WWHD and RE: Revelations in the post-Christmas sales. Eleven awesome titles in one year's a pretty good start to the console I'd say.
    8. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Hey buddy, sorry didn't a notification for this for some reason!...I don't think. Not been on a lot this last month, just the occasional comment and trying to keep read-up on my regular threads. Not a massive success lol.

      I'm good, just massively busy. Lots of work on my plate thanks to this clearly overpacked course (definitely should've been a two-year rather a single year); lab report, job applications and readup, class test, standard labs and lectures all at the same time. I still have around twenty contact hours a week despite a lot of my courses having finished! Just two more weeks I keep telling myself.

      SO! How're you mate? Things good? Gearing up for Christmas? Got my advent calender yesterday when I visited the parents. Never too old lol :D
    9. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      It'd be a lot more tempting if I was on PS3 for it, since most of my gaming friends are on there. On 360 I just wouldn't get enough use to make it worth the money. heh out before Ghosts. Milk it Activision!

      Yeah I read your PM, but as we talked about the book thing in another thread wasn't sure it was worth replying?
    10. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Meh, not paying £9 for one map. Maybe if they release it as part of a zombies-only pack I'd be interested, but screw the normal multiplayer to hell and back. Say what? They're gonna announce the next one already? pfff
    11. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Not yet bud, not buying it! Skipping this map pack all together, probably won't buy the next either. Truly disenchanted with the crappy standard multiplayer mode, and Mob of the Dead serves my Zombie requirements nicely.

      Made a full pass-over to Battlefield 3 now it seems.
    12. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      I didn't even know you could lose the C4, ha! Ah well. I hope we hear about the sequel at E3, I've got pretty high hopes!

      I'd love something with a larger, more open world to explore. With a more detailed upgrade/craft system, more complex melee combat system, and a longer story.
    13. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      lol how'd you lose your C4?
    14. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Told you bud, massive problems that area! The horde keeps growing the longer you're there too I think, best thing to do is run around til the door opens and then slide out quick. If you go back in after that the horde should have dissipated and you can continue to explore.

      The nursery itself is generally fairly zombie free...where did you go down? It's not too big a building, I think I'd recommend going back and finding him. Just be careful; if you die again before you get your stuff back you'll lose it all!
    15. Surge
      Yeah, sorry about that. I've taken a break from this site for the time being but I'll still log on here and there to lurk.

      Regarding Bleach, I've skipped the Fullbring arc completely because I often hear it's boring and nothing but filler. I've been thinking of reading/watching it but I dunno. Although I like Ichigo, my favorite characters are some of the captains which I hear aren't even in the arc. Anyways, you'll be glad you're done with it because the current arc is commonly regarded as the best. There's already quite a few surprises you'll come across soon but I won't spoil anything if you don't want.
    16. Surge
      Then that means Aizen is in his butterfly form. Although I think it looks ridiculous, his final form makes up for it.
    17. Surge
      Ah. ButterflAizen...what a joke, amirite? :p
    18. Surge
      Will do, marching band sounds like it'd be fun! I'm more of a guitar/bass person though lol. Whenever you get the chance though, you should watch it. If you don't mind being spoiled, you know what to do...

    19. Surge
      Say by the way, have you been watching the Bleach dubs on adult swim? Not many people like the dubs but I personally do.
    20. Grimmjow
      Alright, awesome. If you wanna check it out, I made a thread for this year's show. The thread title - which is also the show title - is "Inside Geisel's World Of Wonder". I explain everything in there, & also ended up posting a video of our last year's show, "Gotham's Villains Unleashed".
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