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Oct 13, 2013
Aug 5, 2009
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Me Grimlock King!, 41

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Oct 13, 2013
    1. Axel990
      Hey, I saw your ROTF Vortex custom. I was wondering if you'd be able to provide a guide on how to remove the tail to Grindor (or Blackout) and attach magnets. I liked how you did that and was looking to do the same. The same goes for removing the tail blade and attaching it to one of his arms. If you can supply anything, that'd be great.
    2. mykticon
      Cool, I will do the same!
    3. mykticon
      I got it! Thanks and I will get it out first thing in the morning.
    4. jeditaz
      Completely understand that is family...gotta help those in true need!
    5. jeditaz
      when ya gonna be down next? Me and Eric are going to the midnight showing of Thor on Thursday? Why ya movin back?
    6. Kaiwera05
      Just wanted to let you know that your thing says "Angle of Death" not sure if you noticed the typo.
    7. jeditaz
      that will rock...did you get the RTS or United version.
    8. jeditaz
      How in the heck did I miss this?
    9. Grimlockprime16
      ill be out ur way around like 1 but Ill be out there all day bro. I got all the time in the world. just give me a card when u get home dude.
    10. jeditaz
      Hey, I got an interview at 2 on Friday...not sure how long it will last, but after that I should be good to go...what time ya gonna be out?
    11. jeditaz
      oh, least its not too far off. May end up being closer to here in the long run. Not to mention, I may actually get a chance to get out and visit your place. As far as the docs appt today, I would reschedule it, but im trying to get them to figure out what the heck they found in my MRI....they seemed cool enough to let it go til they figured out what it ends up being down the road, but I am not too cool with that, lol. I mean if I have something on my brain, I wanna know what the heck it is! But yeah....wish I could say heck with it tho.
    12. Grimlockprime16
      nah dude Im moveing to fenwic
    13. jeditaz
      where u moving to? Not back to Jersey?
    14. jeditaz
      Crud a docs appt. Probably wont be back til well after 5....gotta get the wife and go grocery shopping afterwards. When do you think the next time will be? Yeesh!
    15. jeditaz
      Hey ya been? Not looking too good on this thing....maybe we can talk November or after Christmas? What ya think?
    16. jeditaz
      Just do me a favor...lmk who you want to contact and who you want me to contact.....we need to get this done. August is almost over!
    17. jeditaz
      ya think we should be pming guys who showed interest to get them jazzed to vote in the poll? I know there was more than 4 of us!
    18. jeditaz
      I was thinking the weekend before, or even sometime in september as choices. It just hit me like a brick that Halloween weekend will likely be jam packed for me regardless of the day, so its just not going to work then.....I still think October is plenty of time tho...versus trying to throw it together in September.
    19. jeditaz
      Cool deal...just got your text...sounds awesome bro. That will give everyone fair chance to voice what they want, and hopefully get a better turn out. Dj said he would set up a link at some of the other sites to come over and check out about the meet hopefully that will draw some less in the know people over our way.
    20. jeditaz
      I was figuring too...if anyone had wives or gfs they wanted to bring with them, that would be cool too....but we can figure that out as we get closer!
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