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Apr 19, 2024 at 10:42 PM
    1. Onslaught Phase 2
      Onslaught Phase 2
      Thanks for that info on hades. How do you go about even getting those replacement parts? It's been a long time and I'm surprised to hear about this (it definitely has stability issues)
      1. GrimLocke
        You're very welcome! And, ShowZ is out of stock of 'em, but bababobo00712 and Bombusbee both have some stock of the "TFC 010 Upgrade Kit for Hades Liokaiser Set," with Bombusbee being a smidge cheaper.
        Aug 18, 2022
      2. Onslaught Phase 2
        Aug 18, 2022
    2. IronMachine
      Before I went to the gym I saw your reply. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I didn't know about that symbol and I won't post any more previews from that YouTuber.
      1. GrimLocke
        Thank you. ^v^
        Jul 25, 2022
    3. NOCV
      Where ya been? Still alive I hope!
    4. Ellamin
      Been away for a while I presume? 16 likes! ;lol; not an issue, but that's just an unusual amount for me. was curious if there was any real reason or just you catching up?
      1. GrimLocke
        You got it! Though, expect more of my gratitude, since I’m not yet fully caught up with all the weird and wonderful bootlegs out there... =}
        Sep 25, 2018
    5. Digger
      I mostly get your suggestion box thing but what’s with the Tengen Toppa our darkest hour by Trigger?
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      2. Digger
        Have you been to the thread that talks if a new transformers anime should be made?
        May 26, 2018
      3. GrimLocke
        I know it exists, but I haven’t gone through it, yet. So, I’ll read it in the morning.
        May 26, 2018
      4. Digger
        Yeah, it’s got some good thoughts on the topic. They should really redo the vote. It closed and it only has a small amount of studios.
        May 26, 2018
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