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    1. The1980sMan
    2. Slingshot
      It's fine. I should have clarified my post better to avoid confusion.
    3. Slingshot
      If he doesn't learn to spellcheck his posts he'll end up just like his father? No disrespect, but what the fuck are you talking about? This isn't a slippery slope thing here.
      I was referring to the lack of responsibility, not the lack of accurate grammar (although good grammar should be used as much as possible).
    4. Jet
      what do skywarp and thundercracker turn into
    5. Jet
      take your time
    6. Jet
      how goes skywarp and thundercracker
    7. Chief Gage
      Chief Gage
      Hey i saw you payed me visit thought i would say hi!!!
    8. Moy
      I like your avatar. :thumb
    9. Chopperface
      Did it ever say that in the movie? I know he told Cade that he was hunting down the transformers to prevent another alien war on earth. When was it ever implied in the movie that Attinger was killing transformers and harming people's lives for glory and profit?
      Don't want to revive an old thread, but when he tries to give the Seed to Joyce, he giddily talks about how he's going to get several shares in KSI's profits as their business booms with the Seed. And during his final rant to Cade, he growls about how he's had to be extremely patient to do all he's done (which in his eyes is nothing short of perfect service to the world) with no recognition; confirming he wants glory for killing all the Transformers and what not.
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