Feb 10, 2003
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    1. GAUGE
      Hey Griffith, do you still have access to the Azalea CGI? if so I was wondering if you could make a new head for it. Beastwars Airazor. I was also hoping you could maybe shrink down Talon's wing backpack and somehow integrate it. That would look SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK. lol

      If not, it's fine. lol call it Wishful Thinking.
    2. GAUGE
      Glad to see your still keeping busy. Can't wait to see all the cool stuff you've been working on all this time. dying to see the progress on Azalea. :D
    3. griffith76
      Thanks dude. What have you done so far? I'd love to see them
    4. Exbein
      Love the work that you put in Feral Rex thus far. Absolutely brilliant. As an aspiring toy designer myself, I am humbled by your work. Thanks for being active on the forums. You actually convinced me to sign up after all these years. ;)
    5. griffith76
      No problem and thanks for enjoying the figure! It's still not perfect but we'll learn from the experience and feedback from you guys.
    6. SigmaPiRon
      Thanks for the hard work from you and the MMC team on the Feral Rex bots. Bovis arrived at my house today and I am stunned by the quality. Your updates and fan outreach on these message boards convinced me to try a Mastermind product. The Bovis release is incredible. The weight of the figure, tight joints, intuitive transformation, solid paint, visual appeal, and sheer size of this thing are great! In the most complementary way I consider this a Masterpiece transformer!

      Again thank you. keep up the good work. I look forward to completing the Feralcons and onward towards your Seraph Prominion!!!
    7. bumblebee1981
      hey gruffith i seen the cgi's of Seraph Prominion and all i can say is amazing. this looks awesome i hope that it turns out like in the cgi photo or better. i cant wait.
    8. griffith76
    9. bumblebee1981
      i wanted to tell you guys that the feral cons are looking awesome and i cant wait to own them. keep up the good work guys
    10. griffith76
      There are no fix dates. We can only get an estimate when the factory produces something that's close to production quality
    11. Jetbolt
      Is there any set time date when sites will start putting up preorders for the remaining Feral Rex members?
    12. griffith76
      I've not seen what kind of gold paint the factory has before yet so cant comment on that. There won't be screwhole plugs included for these but all the holes are either on the inner faces or back.
    13. Jetbolt
      Understood. But now about the Predacon combiner, few things I've been wondering about. Do you k ow if the reflective gold like paint will be on the final production run of Talon? Also like with Stormer and fellow repaints, will there be plug ins to cover any screw openings for these figures too?
    14. griffith76
      Hmm I don't get to decide what kind of repaints will we do but I doubt we will go for anything that new. Seems like the only repaints that folks have done so far are mostly other G1 characters that the mold might suit
    15. Jetbolt
      Just a wild thought that I had. Would a repaint of Talon in the Energon Divebomb colors be profitable? I know I would personally go for that as I really like that figure.
    16. griffith76
      I'm not particularly sure about release dates. The dates on the website is what the fellas in MMC planned but might not be accurate. Reseller info might possibly be outdated since a large store has to manage thousands of listings. Tentatively the feet will be packed with bovis and fortis, the fists with talon and tigris but I'm not sure if they get one fist each or both comes with Tigris since the wings take up a lot of space and a bit of weight in the packaging.
    17. Jetbolt
      Just wondering, what figure comes with the hand for Talon's combiner mode? The Bovis or the Fortis? Also when is Talon schedule to come out? BBTS has both Divebomb and the bull coming out in October. Yet the MMC has the Bovis coming out in August with Talon listed at Q4.
    18. griffith76
      Thanks! Yep all seems to be going well. We are promising the community a lot I hope we'll deliver and soon. :)
    19. Autobot78
      i so respect what you are doing and appreciate how great of a artist u are, thanks for all you do for our community, hope all is well
    20. griffith76
      Yeah its supposed to be delivered now but still no news from the manufacturer
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