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    1. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Hi TFW Squidward!
      1. GreednGluttony
        Hiya! What's up!?
        Mar 19, 2017
    2. BattleUpSaber
      :D Yay!

      I like you.
    3. Slingshot
      ....FUNimation did a Chuck E. Cheeses video in 1999.
      I'm not joking.
      Oh, and Gluttony's voice actor played a physical role, but was fictionally abused in it (being assaulted by the bad guys) which made me remember Gluttony being eaten and all the time he was denied the right to eat :(
    4. Slingshot
      I think I've been scarred for life...
    5. Slingshot
      The fact there's a Prime named "Alchemist Prime".
    6. Slingshot
      Hey, I found something hilarious.
    7. Slingshot
      You liked Barry? That guy was awesome! He's one of my favorite characters from the series!
      I loved his english voice actor, the guy was fricking awesome. The chess scenes with the Warrant officer was so funny! I actually want Nemesis Prime to be the Barry the Chopper of my series, only he's a lot darker.
      Sloth didn't resemble the sin it was intended to at all. Besides, everyone clearly sees that the thing created by the transmutation circle was not human. Sloth in FMABrotherhood was so much better, and even died by exhaustion of working. That was perfect.
      Not only that, but Father wasn't there so it wasn't as good. And Greed died too early.
    8. Slingshot
      I love when Greed said something along the lines of "hook glide and sinker you little piss ant!"
      Yeah he reminds me of a manipulative Greed. I'd love for Steeljaw to want Springload to join and use the excuse of helping him to find the lost city of whatever, but at the very end he just drops him off at a mental asylum giving him a middle finger as he drives off.

      I love that idea with Airachnid! That is totally badass! What's funny is even before I saw FMA Brotherhood I wanted the RID cons to call Nova Prime (the big baddie) father. I even wanted them to symbolize the 7 sins. Now I won't. My fan fiction is set in its own universe also.
      Oh and you were right about FMA2003. It sucked ass. Dante wasn't a good villain. Father was.
    9. Slingshot
      No, Steeljaw is more like Greed II (the better Greed of course) but a lot more silent. He's a smartass to Galvatron and Nova Prime.

      The only person I could think of working as a Lust-like character would be Filch, but I'm not so sure I like her anymore.
    10. EmbraceThePurpl
    11. Slingshot
      I'm thinking of making Clampdown the Gluttony of Transformers in my fan fiction. Steeljaw gives Clampdown permission to eat Cybertronian priests on a daily basis.
    12. AutobotMirage
      Hey there, I managed to pick a CW Armada Megatron today. If you want, we could meet up and I could give it to you. Let me know if you're interested.
    13. Slingshot
      Lol! He's my favorite homunculi in the series so far (I'm on 5 on Brotherhood).
      His voice actor in the English dub is freaking perfect. It's spot on.
    14. Slingshot
      Brotherhood is amazing!
      Gluttonys "can I eat him?!?!" in episode 5 was so funny.
    15. Slingshot
      Thanks anyway :)
      I really like the scene and I can't to start on brotherhood!
    16. Slingshot
      Hey, do you know what music plays in FMAB episode 44 when Yao Ling fights Greed after the latter recovers his former selfs memory?
    17. FanimusMaximus
      Haven't watched it, but I might give it a chance if they do a Kai like show of it.

      All I know is that Vegeta should have had a full goatee, SSJ4 Vegeta looks awesome. And Baby is probably the best villian in the show.

      EDIT: Also I finally watched Battle of the Gods, I can't help but love it for some reason.
    18. FanimusMaximus

      Also I found out why there's Anthros in DBZ, Akira just liked drawing animals.
      Go figure.
    19. FanimusMaximus
      Oh yeah why do they add theJ in the Super Saiyan abbreviation?
    20. FanimusMaximus
      Hope so. Also I'm kinda hoping he gets a 5th form.

      Also we need Female Saiyans, like a lot more. Everybody loves them. I do. :)
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