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Nov 8, 2023
Oct 15, 2007
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Nov 8, 2023
    1. Wreckgar
      Hey Grant. Not sure if you saw my post but I haven’t seen anything on FB. In case you didn’t see it here’s my info. Look for me there as Chris Revekant.
      1. GrantB
        Pfff, sorry, I forgot to check TFW for your response. I need to turn email notifications on somehow. I'll see if I can send you an invite.
        Dec 3, 2018
      2. GrantB
        It looks like I can't add non-friends, so I sent you a FB friend request.
        Dec 6, 2018
    2. DJW107PRIME
    3. DJW107PRIME
      Wow Glenn's a really good mix of you and Kathy! Ivy's precious curious as to who she will favor.
    4. DJW107PRIME
      Huh I just pop'd in to see how you were doing only to find out that you posted all those pictures I wanted to see on your own page dingle berry:p. So how have you been what you been up to? How's the wife and kids?
    5. GrantB
      I started it before the second kid. I do a lot on the train... and maybe a little bit at work :)

      I also did a 2099 one (not done), but nobody gives a shit about 2099.
      Marvel 2099 Publishing Timeline (1990s-era)

      Ivy is about 3 weeks old, pretty much just sleeping/suckling/pooping all day. I was worried that Glenn would react badly to sharing the attention, but nope, he's been totally cool with it.

      Here's some pics (don't need to be logged into Facebook):
    6. DJW107PRIME
      Ha that is awesome! When do you have time with diapers and pull ups? How are your kids and yo boo.
    7. DJW107PRIME
      Dude check it. SDCC 2015 - Prime 1 Studio at Sideshow - The Toyark - News
    8. DJW107PRIME
      Wow baby #2 congratulations! You don't mess around my man when are you guys due?
    9. DJW107PRIME
      Oh and happy belated birthday!:bday
    10. DJW107PRIME
      I still function hermano. How have you been? How are Glen and Kathy?
    11. DJW107PRIME
      Ha that picture of your boy and Barricade came out pretty cool looks like he is trying to get away.
    12. DJW107PRIME
      Those are so damned precious not gonna lie kinda wanna party with that dude.
    13. DJW107PRIME
      Ah that's brilliant and makes sense. Which Nova do you wanna see Rick or Alex?
    14. DJW107PRIME
      I know right! Noel was so impressed that I knew about that dog. The one thing I would have added would have been a couple of supped up Nova corps doin what Nova Corps do, even if Ronin killed em with the gem moments later to emphasize his power. Also those trades you loaned me are full of lies! Ronin is a huge Dick nothing like the sweet Teddy bear that married Quicksilvers old boo.
    15. DJW107PRIME
      Aw that's great glen running around sounds pretty cool. I hate when stuff like the saw dust happens. I remember after our apartment flooded we had to have our walls redone and there was plaster everywhere, when it cracked again we were like screw it let it be cracked. When you need help moving stuff holla at yo boy. Also if you were buying 3rd party Dinobots which would you be getting? Right now I'm torn between Fansproject and Toyworld for my classics collection. Wait you said Kathy's mother in law so do you mean your mom?
    16. DJW107PRIME
      Guardians was good but not as much as the whole world has hyped it be. Turtles was very meh. So how is Glen and Kathy, is Glen doing any cool shit yet?
    17. DJW107PRIME
      So did you thrill at the Marvels entrance to Cosmic side of things? What did you think of Guardians, also did you drop some loot on TFcon exclusive or are you just going bear minimum with weekend pass?
    18. DJW107PRIME
      Also what did you think of Alias/ Jessica Jones?
    19. DJW107PRIME
      I just finished Y the last man. It was funny, sad, wonderful and a bit brilliant. You are a strange one my friend and definitely have a type. Vaughn also wrote the Runaways if you ever wanna borrow it let me know, I'll hook a brotha up.
    20. DJW107PRIME
      Happy Birthday brother did you have a good one?
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