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Mar 28, 2024
    1. dirkmagirk
      hi, I saw a message from last year from maiden japan.we received the same message..did he ever fulfill your order?
    2. soundwave144
      hey man, don't forget that the comic/toy show is this weekend at the laquinta in downtown on broadway. check ut the local boards for specifics on when and stuff... but I believe we r having a get together fri night at the hotel. ill also b there all day sat wearing my pac-man shirt if u cant make it fri night. call me @... if you have any questions!
    3. MegazordPrime
      Yea im still VERY, intersted in find a Ultra Mammoth. lol
    4. MegazordPrime
      Hi, this is Nemesisprime88 from ebay. I added you as a friend. :)
    5. gothsaurus
      hey! yeah, are you the guy I ran into at TRU?
    6. tgbobafett
      hey do you live in Arkansas by any chance??
    7. eagc7
      Cripes. I just wish they'd standardize these names. (ie. basic, deluxe, voyager) I can't keep all their flash-in-the-pan techno-gadget-name-of-the-day titles straight. Powerizers.... seriously? Maybe I'll pick them up after I snag the Zap-o-mators, and Shazam-o-tizers.

      Like you guys, I hate to see kids duped into buying toys because it has some awkward tumor of an accessory that's half the size of the toy. I'd rather have an awesome, slightly larger, posable toy with great paint apps... and maybe a pistol or sword accessory. Worst cases are where the gadget ruins an entire arm. I hate that.
      it have been confirmed that Powerizers and revealers are just working names but the official and final names are Deluxe and Voyagers
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