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May 23, 2007
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Girl Pants

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    1. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I like Girl Pants.
    2. HeroicC300
      Got Azubots up on TFW. And Azumanga Daioh: The Animation. This will help me a lot; I had to stop writing because I could only hear Yukari and Osaka.
    3. Vexwing
    4. Shortwave
      Yaay Osaka. i have a ton of gifs of her.
    5. HeroicC300
      Is it too much of a stretch to give Osaka Astral Projection abilities?

      I'm writing it as incredibly draining, as well as being part of why she's so tired all the time.
    6. HeroicC300
      I know the writing thing may come across as a one-track mind, but I am currently juggling six or seven story ideas, plus keeping others on the backburner.

      Not as easy as it sounds if you want to make the stories good.
    7. HeroicC300
      Blocking out events in fanfic and working on Azubots. Is it too far a stretch to give Osaka astral projection abilities?

      She's a blast to write, but you have to write her slowly, because she is actually quite bright and thoughtful, but has trouble voicing her thoughts.
    8. HeroicC300
    9. HeroicC300
      Somehow, I topped Azubots in terms of crazy Azumanga crossovers.

      Azumanga Daioh/Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Chiyo-chan being similar to Tony Stark in gadgeteering skills and making special tech for the rest of the girls.
    10. HeroicC300
      Tomo/Hot Shot. To have the same juxtaposition that Trailbreaker/Yomi has: similar personalities and traits, but different ways of them manifesting.
    11. HeroicC300
      Trailbreaker works, even if my alternate mode idea (the SUV from the Dictator, a T-98 Kombat VIP) would be somewhat ridiculous.

      Maybe Tomo/Sideswipe?
    12. HeroicC300
      If Tomo and Yomi got Autobot companions, who would they be?

      I see Chiyo-chan getting a micron dog, to go with Mr. Tadakichi.
    13. HeroicC300
    14. FanimusMaximus
      I know right? She's so awesome.
    15. FanimusMaximus
      A fan of Osaka I see.
    16. HeroicC300
      Should be able to finish Azubots in January, now that I found the zone for it.

      Tracks being the one who blows cover (originally it was Tomo) will add to the humor.
    17. HeroicC300
      Gah, no starting point. It's a pain.

      Once I find that, the rest will be far easier.
    18. HeroicC300
      To be fair, anyone who tried to woo Yomi would have to deal with Tomo and vice versa. And Kaorin would probably scare away anyone going after Sakaki.

      So Kagura's the only 'safe' bet.

      Totally going to work on this later today.
    19. BLOODRAGED189
    20. HeroicC300
      I can totally see it.

      I'll stick with Tracks, since he's the closest we've got to a Heroic Knock-Out. Maybe have Nyamo wind up with Jazz or something once Osaka blows the Autobot's cover?
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