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    1. Molini
      Haha, No doubt no doubt. Everything before "we respresentin...", though, was from Mos Def's "Universal Magnetic" years ago. I just used it because when you said you were a B-Boy, that's what popped into my head and I just took it from there.

      Keep writing, Common started off a B-boy and look what he evolved into. I'm an MC at heart, but I couldn't break worth a damn. At most I could top rock to a beat, but never put enough practice into it to feel worthy of being around the guys who I rolled with. Shit If I wasn't the MC of the group I would have felt way too inferior amongst the talent they had there.

      And for the record, those cable cars from Union Square to Pier 39 smell like shit. Or at least the people in em did.
    2. Molini
      A-B-boys rock the world, CD's and tapes help generate papes E-F is the important Def G-good, H is what style be, When I grab the microphone and MC, Roll off the tongue like L-M-N-O-P, And when I am done you will agree, we representin hip hop mos definitely, on a message board full of toys and controversy, but hip hop heads just like you and me, need to stick togetha so I sent cha a request, Pleased to meet ya, ttyl, one love, God bless!

      lol, that damn thread got me back in the hip hop mood. I was just in your hood about two weeks ago. Frisco's nice, but them homeless are relentless.
    3. Kup-is-Dion
      May the reflected awesomeness of Sideswipe shine upon you!
    4. jazz4ever
    5. jazz4ever
      happy new year
    6. jazz4ever
      you have the best screenname ever
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