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    1. Gronkh
      Happy birthday mate!
    2. Cobalt Agent
      Cobalt Agent
      I wrote all this out then the thread got moved to the Lounge where I'm without access. Bummer. =P

      The progressive system makes better economic sense because those top 5% (by the way, I am not sure of you're numbers there, but I am still running with it)
      That's straight from the IRS. The figures can be found anywhere. The top 5 pay 55%, the top 10 pay 65%, and top 50 pay 96%.

      have an amount of wealth that is simply mind blowing. I can almost guarantee that you have no concept of how much money those top 5% have, and you and most people will not be able to fully understand just how much wealth some of those top have. We are talking so wealthy that they can blow millions of dollars on a single party and not sweat from it (A very swanky gig by the way if you end up getting to go).
      Ah, I see. So from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. 8,074 of the top earners in the country combined earned $240 billion, which couldn't run the government for more then 20 days.

      I see the problem being not that the top percentage can pay so much, but that the top percentage can even afford to pay so much. That is a sure sign that something is horribly horribly wrong.
      Ah, the modern world, where success is a vice. Seriously, why is it anyone's damn business how much someone else makes? As long as they're making it legitimately and within the law, why is that a bad thing? If they're not getting it from drugs, prostitution, tax evasion, money laundering, slavery or treason - who gives a damn?

      Also throughout history, things do not tend to go so well for the more common worker when wealth is so concentrated like that. In the past, it has lead to such lovely events as the middle ages, the French revolution, and the Russian revolution.
      You have a point with the Middle Ages. But last I check, even at our earliest we never had feudalism in this country and the closest thing to serfdom in America, slavery, has long been abolished. As for the French and Russian revolutions, those resulted in the systematic executions of the aristocracy and reigns of terror, but it was carried out by the so-called "common workers". It was the revolutionaries sticking heads on pikes and killing priests, not the rich. Was there resentment towards the rich, sure. There was also persecution of religion, patriots, and everything else. So is your argument that America having a successful top margin will result in anarchy and chaos and ultimately a despotic regime such as happened in France and Russia? Because that honestly isn't a good reason from targeting people's wealth; appeasement shouldn't guide policy.
    3. Ktulu
      YTMND - George Oscar Bluth
    4. Tyrannosaur
      You'll have to buy the entire paperback issue (Contains all 5 issues) either at a bookstore like Borders/Barnes&Nobel or Newburry Comics. It's bloody frigging brilliant. THIS is the Starscream I like. Not the Starscream you grew up on, no. This Starscream is strong and confident he can lead the Decepticons to victory.

      Actually that is a bit like his G1 self. The artwork is fantastic too. You'll love it :D
    5. swampert123
      funny sig :)
    6. Ktulu
    7. Ktulu
    8. Ktulu
      I hear Michael Cera stopped being a bitch and is on board for the AD movie. Yay!
    9. Ktulu
      Any magician can make a Queen of Diamonds disappear. What about a whole BOAT?
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