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    1. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Does their name rhyme with Dellpeppers? ;)
    2. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      No. No I do not.
    3. Venixion
      In regards to Movies that made you cry: The Green Mile was sad, though I never watched the movie, have you ever read the book? it's sad and extremely disturbing but very good.
    4. Yggdrasil
      Let's hope that season 2 delivers even more! :D
    5. Yggdrasil
      The whole Aligned continuity is a giant waste. They get to create the ULTIMATE transformers continuity and all they manage to do is rip-off everything that came before and the only new thing that they add are scavenger hunts.

      God I wish they would just let Roberts come up with a whole continuity all on his own. Now that would be a thing of beauty.
    6. Yggdrasil
      Well to be fair season 1 had some credibility worth fighting for and the promise of a second season making everything better like how Animated and Beast Wars did was still there...

      ...but boy did season 2 shit itself!
    7. Yggdrasil
      I want to actually feel bad for them. They are clearly damaged, mentally unstable machildren that didn't do anything with their lives and hate the way the world is so they cling onto the shitty things from their childhoods as hard as they can asif they had any meaning or quality to them.

      It's like me claiming that Might Morphing Power Rangers are the greatest thing humanity ever made. No they aren't, I was just a ******ed kid that didn't know better when I saw it. That doesn't stop me from liking it any less 20 years later and that I wouldn't be all over them again if they managed to make them into actually good fiction.
    8. Yggdrasil
      Nostalgia faggoting at it's highest level.
    9. Yggdrasil
      I like the horns. Combined with the golden colour it makes it look like Grimlock went Super Saiyan :lol
    10. Yggdrasil
      Well for starter it was all in Yugoslavia where you had multiple factions from each nation and it was an all-out civil-war where everyone was fighting everyone.

      He originally didn't care for any of it, but got in a bar fight with the member of one faction (the Partisans) so he escaped them. Then when the other faction (Chetniks) picked him up when they were regrouting in his village but after a while then they found out that most of his family were actually in the Partisans so they tried to kill them.

      So he ended up running away only for the Croatian fascist movement (the Ustasha) to to put him in jail/concentration camp from which he managed to escape and was picked up by the Partisans again because they were low on men from which he managed to escape again by pretending to be a dead body in the pig-house.

      And of course the Germans wanted him dead I don't need to explain why :lol

      Not really a story of bravery but staying alive after all that shit is a success :lol
    11. Yggdrasil
      Real story mate. My granda was a fucking badass, there wasn't a single faction in WWII that didn't want him dead for one reason or another and he escaped all of them multiple times.

      God I miss those stories :(
    12. Yggdrasil
      Have I ever told you how my grandpa escaped death by firing squad because he was labeled a "traitor" in WWII?

      You know why he was labeled? He gave half of his bread to a starving German child he saw on streets and some of his unit saw that and reported him.

      But that's a-ok because all German's were evil blood-thirsty monsters and all alies were angles of goodness.
    13. Yggdrasil
      Yeah I'm really not into the G2 style neon-nightmare colours.
    14. Mechafire
      One thing I'm shocked about is that I haven't seen any "Is Hasbro fighting back against the 3rd parties" threads, there's usually a ton of them after every convention.
    15. Mechafire
      The Hasbro/3rd party dick measuring contests are honestly getting really fucking tiresome
    16. Mechafire
      Going with Hasbuster because he appears to have his IDW head. And I LOVE IDW Roadbuster because of his "can't read" characteristic.
    17. Mechafire
      I like em. :/
    18. Aernaroth
      I don't like to badmouth other users on my wall, sorry.
    19. Gordon_4
      Merry Christmas, General. Hope basic has been going well.
    20. Novaburnhilde
      Thanks for accepting the friend request. :)
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