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Sep 21, 2021 at 7:20 AM
    1. Mechafire
      All dem 3rd party toys dude.

      Fuck I'm gonna be poor.
    2. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Doing very very well! Jazz is a doting mother as you would expect, and the little one is just packing on the weight and being as adorable as possible :)
    3. Shatterkick
      Haha. Second person who's asked me that today ;)

      I've uploaded the original and another with the dino modes to an album here:

      TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards - mttyns's Album: Dinobots/Black Knights
    4. Galvatron II
    5. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      My review.

      8th post down.
    6. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      To the wall. An important distinction.
    7. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Maybe I'll convince him to go tonight but the biggest hurtle is gonna be the 165 minute run time. He might lose his mind staring into the abyss.
    8. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      I'll tell you when I see it. ;)

      I guess I'll make a thread... *sigh* Those megathreads for general discussion spoiler free and with extra spoilers on top sure would have been helpful if we stuck with them.
    9. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Would've been better if Hound, you know, knew Ratchet.

      I'm one day away. My dad better love the shit out of this movie to make me wait so long...
    10. Yggdrasil
      It truly is a glorious day!
    11. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Yeah, the Quintessons were always an anti-theistic concept. "God exists... But he hates you and you only exist because he profits from it." Was kind of surprised to see that in an '80s children's cartoon.

      But what Cade's describing sounds more like a mind... Why muck it up with spiritual mumbo jumbo?
    12. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      But there's not a lot of talk about robo-souls? Because as an agnostic, I already have issues finding fiction where I don't have to try and pretend I'm getting the same faux inspiration as the rest of the audience, and I feel like "giant robots" should be secular fiction. I already find "Primus" off putting.
    13. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      That's racist. That's robophobic.
    14. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Haven't seen it. Don't know.

      How big a part of the plot is the whole "soul" BS with Galvatron? Not him becoming sentient... Just the idea of the Transformers having "souls"?
    15. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      I don't feel like any fat green guy can just call himself "Bulkhead" though... I feel like the personality should retain his salient features, you know?
    16. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Was he a painter? Or a gentle giant?

      Ooh, even better, make him a fire truck, and you've got Inferno.
    17. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      I like classic Hound. Not sure about this new guy. I WISH he was red and this was Movie Ironhide, but they already wasted that character.

      But Hound... Without spoilers, is he at least Earth loving?
    18. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      I'd need a better title. And probably more information than just "Dude! Hound spinoff!", but yeah, I'd watch it.

      Assuming I like AoE. Which I won't know until Saturday, because I'm waiting for my dad (who's a fan of these movies).
    19. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Well, you seemed like a nice-enough guy. And yeah, SMOG's cool.
    20. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      I just... I just don't understand what he's trying to say half the time.
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