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Lady of the Dark Throne

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Feb 21, 2020 at 4:35 PM
    1. Necromaster
      Left a question for you in your thread in the Federation of Funnies creators. Read it when you get the chance.
    2. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      No I didn't want to upset Andy by posting that in thread But I wanted to comment so I thought I'd just say it directly is all.

      Sorry for any confusion.
    3. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      Kapow's packing of stock could be a little better too at times I've had delicate boxes burst open in transit do to being to tightly packed. I would prefer if there was a greater breadth of 3rd party items - but I understand if that is something Andy does not want to maintain the stock on.

      But I'm a little puzzled sometimes - you see something you think would hold interest to people in the UK like the Blitzwing upgrades for example.

      I'm happy to use Kapow though despite the odd rough spot.
    4. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      I would perhaps suggest an improvement to Kapow which is to increase visibility of in-stock items.
      The front page at the moment has many items which are not in stock.
      I would also suggest some way to co-group all third party items in stock or pre-order under a single list as it's easy to over look something place in an odd place - Continuously variable for example is only in the sale part he's not listed under SXS as there is no listing for SXS.

      I never know what Andy can actually get though for example someone told me they were able to order a that WFC Omega Supreme through him as a special order - but there's no stuff on that site for that item - I would love to buy one of those but I'm put off by how difficult it is to get one for someone in the UK.
    5. destrongerlupus
      You are awesome, and I'm glad to know you're in the fandom. (Reacting to the Windblade and gender identity debacle).
    6. Mastergeorge
      Lucky! I've been wanting 2010 Unicron and Primus for over a year now.
      Well. At least I have Armada Unicron. :)
    7. Mastergeorge
      Sup. Haven't talked to you in a while. Any recent TF purchases?
    8. Gearshift
      happy new year
    9. Mastergeorge
      Uh. Happy belated new year?.... uhhh.
    10. Mastergeorge
      Cool. I already have the hasbro versions so, Yeah.
    11. Gearshift
      Also, I got Henkei H+R! Yays!
    12. Gearshift
      I wish Hydrodive BB had a better accessory. This better be in S3.
      However, BB himself is more awesome, and therefore I shall get. I hope his plastic is yellow instead of gold though.
    13. Gearshift
      Happy new year too! ^^
    14. Mastergeorge
      Duh. And HAPPY NEW YAR!!!!11!!!1!!!!!1!!!!1
    15. Gearshift
      Jazzy. You already are. :)
    16. Mastergeorge
      Me or jazzy?
    17. Gearshift
      Wanna be a member of the ******icons?
    18. Mastergeorge
    19. Jazzy Zx
    20. Gearshift
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