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Dec 29, 2021
    1. Falconhood
      hey, it's a new month, interested in something from 2012 pictures by Falkonhood - Photobucket ?
    2. Falconhood
      i need to figure out which of mine are the Carrobot and which are RID, and then sell the RID stuff. I have no room for doubles.
    3. Falconhood
      there are some really clear and great quality RID on Youtube...and full length. I watched a few.
      Yeah, i bought that same BL off eBay, of all the non-american TF series that I wish WE got back then. I still NEED Albegas. Albegas is the base cartoon that was going to be used for GLADIATOR VOLTRON, but never got green-lighted. Sigh. I had the toys in anticipation, and even the collector cards for a cartoon that never came to be.
    4. Falconhood
    5. Falconhood
      oh! okay. that makes sense. All the DCUC figs are normally the glossy slick plastic, and this was so different.interesting.
    6. Falconhood
      i finally opened the Black Manta figure...what's with his suit? it feels different. is it painted? Do you know if his helmet comes off to reveal his head...before I break it trying.
    7. PredaconTheKing
      its from an anime called Queens Blade, the first season i think like 3rd or 4th episode
    8. Superquad7
      Ah, thanks for the info! I'm going to be touching them up very soon, once I get a few things out of the way myself. I finally finished up my Classics Cliffjumper from the RtS Bumblebee: Cliffjumper pictures by superquad7 - Photobucket

      I'm just glad you made it home safely! I'm glad you popped back on the board as well, because I tried calling you back when I got your text and couldn't get you! :)
    9. Falconhood
      Oh, yeah, Acme comics. They used to be bigger back when i was in school, but then the last visit to them, they shrunk into a tiny store with just comics. I sold them my X-Men comics to get money for college long ago. Is there even a Flea Market there? I have to pass thru GSO on holidays to see family on the other side, so I often have to stop and stretch my legs. Yeah, and retail is starting to cost more than Vintage, even with collector prices. I totally should have prepared for the toy show, i wish i knew it was going to be that good, i could have gotten more stuff to make me even more crowded in my house(which feels like a ware house as is)
    10. Superquad7
      I'm so very sorry I wasn't able to help you! I am glad that you got home safely! I hope to hang with you again soon. I had a fantastic time chatting Transformers with ya :)

      Oh, what paints did you use on these Seekers for the blue and orange, do you remember?
    11. Superquad7

      This is a past tense issue now :) The next time we hang out, your meal's on me or something :wink:

      I hope you made it back home ok last night! I tried to call you back, as I got your message a bit later. I felt pretty bad after I listened to the voicemail, and had I gotten ahold of you, I was prepared to jump back in my truck to come back! Superquad7 Roadside Assistance :D
    12. Falconhood
      hey, is there any stores of worth in GSO? I used to go to the Cosmic Castle (now defunct) and a comic store in the bottom of the Cotton Mill Mall...or what ever that place is called. There's a TRU, of course, but when i pass thru GSO, i'd like to explore some shops, but not modern retail, rather resell(like Crowmag's store)
    13. Falconhood
      oh, too bad I couldn't bring all of my for sale stuff today. but that is another 7 bins and a huge shelf too.
    14. Falconhood
      but here is a pic of the shuttle 2011 :: 10A picture by Falkonhood - Photobucket which i have not relisted for 2012
    15. Falconhood
    16. Superquad7
      Do you have a Feedback thread in the Junkion, G? If not, I'll be happy to create one for you! :)
    17. Nachtsider
      Ahaw, you and me both, chum. I have a shit-ton of ideas whizzing around in my head, but don't seem to be able to commit half of them to paper. It's this job of mine, I think; after I come home from work, I just feel like kicking back and lazing around. A number of fanfics I've written are still unfinished; one of these days, I'll pull myself together and pull the final strands of the tapestries into place. One of these days. :(

      Wing had some beautiful Gundam designs, but the nature of its characters totally killed the experience for me. Same goes for SEED, plus additional points deducted for its lackluster story. I'd like to know if G and Turn A are any good, and if you have a favorite mobile suit (mine's the Kampfer).
    18. Nachtsider
      Oh man, I love Universal Century Gundam (the one true Gundam continuity in my book) to bits; that you're taking ideas from it is a plus. Which of the installments is your favorite, by the way? The 08th MS Team occupies my number one slot; Norris Packard is my hero. :rock

      I liked TFA Optimus' journey from untried neophyte to hero, so I think your Rodimus is something I can totally get behind. The image of him as a 'dashing space pirate' is refreshing; perhaps he winds up like Captain Harlock by your tale's conclusion? :D And I've never once viewed Movie Prime as truly heroic, instead thinking of him as a violent, self-destructive psychopath - the de-evolution (or perhaps evolution?) into Nemesis Prime you have planned for him is brilliant, and what I think to be a possibly logical progression of such a character. Last, but certainly not least - Jazz Dynamite deserves a series of his own. Like, seriously. Samuel Jackson is a must for the part. :dj

      Can't wait to see what sort of mind-boggling TF origin story you have in mind, buddy. Link me to your story once you've posted it! :)
    19. meirelle
      Carl Sagan FTW! \o/
    20. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      I saw what you wrote to Natchsider. Dude i love the idea of your show, espicially Nemesis Prime.

      And the thing with Patrick Warburton as Optimus Prime. :bay I'd watch the hell out of that.
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