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Dec 29, 2021
Jun 28, 2010
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Dec 29, 2021
    1. bsutton1
      Hi, I heard you maybe looking for somebody to share a hotel room with during Charticon. I'm planning to be there on Saturday. I'm thinking about staying over Saturday night but I don't have to place to stay yet. What are your plans?
    2. Falconhood
      I'd love to see pics of that! My god-mother used to plan to make the 10-Forward as the dining room, but never did. She loved the illuminated tables.
    3. Falconhood
      cool. I have all of the Playmates lights and sounds ones, the Hot Wheels boxed ones, the Micromachine ones, and a few other versions (but not as many in each set).
      My office has a wall of shelves with Star Trek stuff all over it. If I had the money, I'd make my office into a room off of TNG.
    4. Starscream600
      Hey dude. In case you were wondering, I'm the one that followed you on twitter. ;) @DJRa1n follow me back!
    5. Falconhood
      I didn't get to open mine yet, so there aren't any stands with them? argh. that's why I hate the 2=packs of Marvel Universe figures, since Hasbro skimps on they can stand without them or something insane. Maybe the Ewoks will stand without them, since they are small, and wide footed.
    6. Falconhood
      did you open your Ewoks yet? I'm still cataloguing all the other stuff i much stuff takes so much time catalogueing.
    7. Falconhood
    8. Falconhood
      Mattel Hot Wheels Attack Pack - Unleash the Beast! Monster Toy Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, Aircraft & Spaceships
    9. Falconhood
      Hot Wheels Attack Pack Retrospect Review - YouTube
    10. Falconhood
      hey, gamma. I may go to the toy show tomorrow, but I'm so exhausted from so much traveling last month, and just work in general. so if you see me, lmk.
    11. Seeker Lord
      Seeker Lord
      I have a BW Tigertron with no paperwork free to good home. If'n you'd like it PM your info
    12. Counterpunch?
    13. Mal
      Nope I am a completely different one. Sorry
    14. Mal
      Hey what's up?
    15. Falconhood
      hey, are you going to the toy show tomorrow?
    16. tabtiurf
      It gets worse. Have you viewed the other options? Pretty much nothing changes.
    17. Superquad7
      I'll be changing my siggy soon. I like to keep things fun and interesting!

      BTW, we missed you last night at our meet! I hope things are working out on your end with the wheels and such. Don't be a stranger, bud :)
    18. Falconhood
      wow, that sucks, did that sleepy driver even stop? did you get the police involved? i know they prolly won't do anything. I pass drivers all over the road almost every day, it's quiet annoying, but i drive a big truck, so for me it's like a game of Chicken, and I can win.
    19. Falconhood
      DCUC 6" Cheshire
      DCUC 6" Kid Flash
      DCUC 6" Miss Martian
      DCUC 6" SuperBoy
      DCUC Batman Beyond
      DCUC Chemo's Left Leg
      DCUC Chemo's Right Leg
      DCUC Wave 04 Captain Atom (Silver)
      DCUC Wave 05 Amazo
      DCUC Wave 05 Eradicator
      DCUC Wave 08 Commander Steel
      DCUC Wave 08 Doctor Fate gold
      DCUC Wave 08 Doctor Fate yellow
      DCUC Wave 08 Parademon (classic)
      DCUC Wave 08 Parademon (Super Powers era)
      DCUC Wave 11 SteppenWolf (Super Powers era)
    20. Dormamu
      You know, if you are definitely on track to go to TFCon, I may send you with money in hand for the inevitable FE Prime and Cliffjumper that'll be there for sale.
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