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May 15, 2023
Jul 20, 2010
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Galvatron Rage

Question Authority, from Iacon

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May 15, 2023
    1. Fallout
      so stupid. pc police need to make sure little jimmy doesn't see a gun lest he get any ideas. but i'm sure some picture of a guy with a pink wig and pony dolls would get in no problem.
    2. Fallout
      uh a bunch of stuff for the car... new radio, new floor mats, a waxing kit ans an ice scraper and a shemagh is all the noteworthy stuff!
    3. Fallout
      merry christmas you crazy conservative cracker
    4. mandiprime97
      Yeah...seeing that resulted in another addition to my ignore list. Yikes.
    5. mandiprime97
    6. Fallout
      it was really shitty down here today but somehow hilariously sunny yesterday. i got burnt for the first time in years yesterday actually haha, our ROTC was hosting a drill meet and i worked it all day screaming at people. i went home and there was a real nice line down my arms where my sleeves were, lol.
    7. Fallout
      what's up with my favorite crazy old fashioned gunhumper?
    8. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Ha, thanks I guess. Nothing I said that wasn't bound to be said, I just got to it first. But like with most things I post, it will likely (and looking at it, it did) go ignored. Oh well. Glad you got a laugh out of it.
    9. Fallout
      holy shit, he didn't :lol

      he's about as deep as a kiddy pool.
    10. Fallout
      you remind me of my history teacher... we always joke around about PC people and obama and gun control and that shit. he had merry christmas on the board and as i left his room i told him "Happy politically correct holidays" and he just sighed and looked away lol.
    11. Fallout
      i was expecting a purposely offensive post from you in the Merry Christmas thread. get your shit together!
    12. smkspy
      I generally hate backseat-modding too, but there has been a recent "In b4" trend growing, much I find to more more annoying than backseat-modding LOL.
    13. Fallout
      hey man, looks like i'm in the market for more toys and you seem to have rare stuff...

      do you have:
      ROTF Deluxe Bludgeon
      ROTF Deluxe Rampage (red)
      Movie Deluxe Stockade
    14. Fallout
      sounds good to me :D then i can be done with my movie stuff, lol.
    15. Fallout
      if it helps i don't need the boxes or cards.

      hmm... at most $12 for divebomb and $65 for the HAs.
    16. Fallout
      lol thanks man. i'm so tired of hearin about lil jimmy pisspants cuttin his wrists because he got called a ****** or something. i've had the shit beaten out of me enough to know that people aren't always nice, lol.
    17. mandiprime97
      Thanks Galvatron Rage! :thumb
    18. eagc7
    19. eagc7
      ohhh thx :)
    20. eagc7
      I'm all set, Mods. A member just let me know what I was missing, and the purpose behind it.

      Sigh....what a dumbass I am. It's so obvious now!
      can ya tell me what the digitz are please
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