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Oct 16, 2011
Jun 18, 2009
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Oct 16, 2011
    1. optimegatron
      Hey man, I ran into your name at like 3 different Wikis today. You are productive, friend.
    2. Superquad7
      If you see a custom in Radicons that you wish to purchase, you can always pm the artist, or post a thread in "Requests" for someone to make you a custom. Please refrain from making such posts in an artist's customs thread. Thanks!
    3. jackets
    4. galvascream
      Home of Dr. Pepper

    5. jackets
      where's that
    6. jackets
      which part of tx
    7. jackets
      u live in texas?
    8. Venksta
      Actually, I have made 2 full transforming figures. They were commissions by a fangroup. Should be out sometime this year. :)
    9. G1Decepticons
      hey man is it alright you make me another g1 deceptcion avatar except with different decepticons in the background
    10. Matrixbeast
      Not to sound rude or anything, but who are you? I'm sorry, but a friend request the moment I sign up was kind of weird :P
    11. G1Decepticons
      yeah but how much room would Trypticon make in the picture because he is a city but also a dinosaur i am wodnering how mch room he would create.
    12. G1Decepticons
      thanks dude but i got another question how mnay combiners can you fit in a picture. if i wanted another one i might be thinking predaking,abominus,menaosr or bruticus or something to be in the picture
    13. G1Decepticons
      hey thanks for helping me with that. How many robots could you fit in a picture iw as hoping you can make another one for me somehow maybe int he future somehow with different decepticons. Thx for the request and one question how do youe dit the signature i know where edit signature is but how do youe dit it from there on out.
    14. G1Decepticons
      hey thanks for the avatar but i wnate to nkow if youe dit it and put alot more decepticons in it like the combiners like predaking,menasor,bruticus,and abominus. Can you see fi you can fit trypticon in the background he is the decepticon dinosaur in generation one. See if you can fit cyclonus,and scourge in ti and few more cassete decepticons like ravage,Frenzy,laserbeak and ratbat. Can you see if youc an change them to what they looke dlike in the show and one last thing. Can you make the megatron half megatron on one side of the body and half galvatron one one half of the body and see if youc an put the insecticons and blitzwing in there. Wow i am sorry if this is too much work. I am really pleased for what you did for me i really like it but please and try to see if you can edit it.
    15. G1Decepticons
      hmm not quite sure well for my avatar i kinda want it too look like a picture with alot of g1 decepticons in it like the avatar i have with g1 decepticons written on the picture. do not make it yet i still need to decide what decepticns iw ant in the picture. Btw is this for free.
    16. G1Decepticons
      hey i wanted to know if you still wanted to do avatars and signatures too. I wnated to see if you can do one for me.
    17. galvascream
    18. mrfang2
      hi galvascream.
    19. mrfang2
      thanks fr the friend dude, mucho grateful!
    20. bumblebot98
      Not quite my birthday yet,But Thanks anyway.
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