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May 17, 2010
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Jun 15, 2023
    1. WilyMech
      I am find with it.
    2. WilyMech
      I think it would be wise move to start over. I am not opposed to it.
    3. kaijuguy19
      I don't mind starting over again.
    4. Firestorm0322
      I wouldn't be opposed. Now is a nice time to start fresh again.
    5. Titanic X
      Titanic X
      Maybe. Is Terra still in? I also have a possible human villain OC to team up with the Cons.
    6. DecepticonSpike
      I have new classes starting, so I am afraid I will have to drop out due to lack of time.
    7. kaijuguy19
    8. kaijuguy19
    9. Ripclaw

      Personality: Strong willed, believes strength gives the right to lead. Intense hatred of Shockwave.
      History: Was experimented on by Shockwave to be a brute warrior for the Decepticons. During one of the experiments, Grimlock, managed to break out. His mind became cloudy, it became difficult for him to speak and think straight. He became prone to short fits of pure rage, destroying anything in his path. When his mind clears, he always regret's anything he's done.
      Goals: To be able to control his rage. Fixing whatever Shockwave did to him.
      Fears: Being part of an experiment, and the rage that is always inside him.
      Personal Comrades: Jetfire(Pending) and Pending.
      Personal Enemies: Starscream and Pending.
    10. Ripclaw
      Here's the tech specs for Ripclaw:

      Tech Specs:
      Strength: 9
      Intelligence: 6
      Speed: 4
      Endurance: 8
      Rank: 3
      Courage: 6
      Firepower: 5
      Skill: 3

      Shoulder Mounted Cannons/Turret (W)
      Flip-out Claws [Like Leobreaker] (W)

      Their bios:


      Personality: Intense hatred of all Dinobots, loves destroying anything. Megatron is all that keeps him in check.
      History: Was one of Shockwave's Dinobot experiments, but something didn't go exactly to plan. Ripclaw became stronger, but kept his original alternate mode. His mind shattered during the experiments, and he stayed on as a Decepticon soldier. He met Grimlock during the Dinobot's break-out, and, immediately, a very strong hatred grew inside him.
      Goals: Destruction of Grimlock and the other Dinobots. Wreaking havoc wherever he goes.
      Fears: Megatron's strength, and being captured by the enemy.
      Personal Comrades: Pending (Thinking Blitzwing and Trypticon)
      Personal Enemies: Grimlock and Springer
    11. Ripclaw
      I understand that, so I spent some time thinking on it, and decided to go with Cybertron CDT Hotshot. XD Gun's included.
    12. Ripclaw
    13. kaijuguy19
      Yeah he does. He's a skilled machanic that he learned from his godfather,taken up boxing as a self defense as well as keeping his head together when he's in a tight spot.
    14. kaijuguy19
      Oh ok. Well his character is mostly a little to himself as well as a little insecure about things but he does have a brave and compassionate heart towards his friends and to people who are in need. Which is why he develops a close bond with Arcee who she herself has some issues that she talks to him about.

      How's that?
    15. kaijuguy19
      Sure thing. Should I tell it to you here or should I send a PM to you?
    16. Ripclaw
      FOC it is. And, yeah, I originally designed him as a 'Con.
    17. Ripclaw
      Exactly, the Classics design, while good, is just lacking the bulk that Grimlock should have. Seems more like an emaciated T-Rex rather than what he did in G1.
    18. Ripclaw
      I was thinking FOC, more bulk and all that.
    19. Ripclaw
      Without hesitation, Grimlock. As for my OC, Ripclaw, well the canon I previously had for him probably won't work here. XD Since it appear's he won't be appearing any time soon, that will give me a bit of time to create one that will fit into this RP.
    20. Ironhide1706
      Original please.
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