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Autobot, Male, from Oceania

Hi ashley cuadra Dec 15, 2016

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Viewing forum Transformers Toy Discussion, Apr 24, 2024 at 3:49 AM
    1. G1Optimal
      Hi ashley cuadra
    2. AshleyCuadra
    3. G1Optimal
      luckily i got my computer and ps3 back (dont know about the transformers yet) so i am back online with my computer
    4. G1Optimal
      no unfortunitly , and in regards to the stuff i ate the feeling in my head is getting worse like i want to faint or something i am hoping its not some hareware stuff that seals up cracks or something and is cloging up my artiries in my brain that would be terrible for me i am very worried about it any way it was nice knowing ya if i do not talk to you again.

      and sorry to hear about your friends father
    5. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Well I am fine, but my friend, about 2 weeks ago lost his father :rip. Now I am helping him out around his place to get it back into order. My friend told me that if I wasn't there to help him he'd be climbing the walls.:crazy:

      DOTM DVD will be out next week here is Australia. So I will be buying it ouright

      OUCH! is nothing safe anymore. I hope that you were insured :mad.

      I hope you are feeling better and you are rid of that nasty taste in your nose and the pins and needles disappear
    6. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      G1 Optimal there is a new social group fromed by SydneyY you should check it out .
      its called Aus and NZ TF club
    7. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Hello G1 Optimal I have moved from my old unit to another unit the reason for that is that they are demolshing mmy old unit and putting up monstrosities
    8. LordOptimus
      Sorry for the late i have been a bit down lately

      but, i feel a little better since i have a new computer after my last one broke (hoping there isn't any problems with this one)
      It's ok. Hopefully it'll work fine :)
    9. moreprimeland
      Is okay, you did just fine..
    10. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      There is a collectables Fair at Parramatta on the 22 August 2010 I just thought I'd mention that
    11. moreprimeland
      Thank you so much!!!!... as I am finding out, most everyone on TFW is a "friend" during a time like this..your words were very touching and they mean a lot to me.. I see we have a mutual friend in CP..do you also live DownUnder?
    12. LordOptimus
      Hi G1Opimal! How are you man? I've been so busy lately, that I've had less time for TFW. I've missed you guys. How have things been?
    13. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Well I had Windows 7 upgrade on my big PC, but it took out my 1.5TB harddrive so I had to buy another 1TB and It also took out my flash drive[32gb] so I had to buy another flash drive[32gb's]
    14. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Yes its true my friend has lost his mother around May this year and he is still grieving for her loss.

      So, you live in Sydney, ay I always thought that you were living in the US who would've thought.
    15. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Hi G1 Optimal, how are you going I hope that the weather over there is treating you kindly.:)

      As for me one of my aquaintances offered me a notebook book computer and I bought it for 500[Aus $] and the OS system is Vista Home Premium and I like it so now I have windows XP on my big pc and vista on my notebook pc :)
    16. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Don't Worry G1 Optimal, like I said, everything is on my flash Drive so I lost nothing now that I have a 1.5 TB and a 500mgb, so if one goes I still have the one to work from :thumbs2:
    17. josh5837
      lol i just recently made a new rifle for optimus prime
    18. LordOptimus
      Hahaha, don't worry, this crazy guy (me) understands :thumbs2:
    19. LordOptimus
      Hey man, it's alright. Don't sweat it :thumbs2: I fully understand. Right now, Ive had so much going on with getting ready to get married, I'd be boring if I talked about it all, ya know? LoL. Thanks for being so kind and keeping touch with me. How've things been with you?
    20. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Hi G1 Optimal, How are you going.

      I had a little trouble some time back I bought a Program called Roxio creator
      2009, I thought it was going to be a good program, but as it turned out I lost both my drives[D and E] and It also took out my terrobite harddrive :thumbdown

      Thankfully I had everything on my Kingston 32GB, that's what I work off so I lost nothing from that.:)

      I told a friend of mine and he borrowed it and it almost wiped out his entire computer but luckly he spotted it and removed it. :(

      I bought another terrobite harddrive [1.5Tb] and coupled with my new
      500GB's, I am now back on line :thumb:D
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