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Sep 21, 2011
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Jun 23, 2024
    1. G1DeadEnd
      Of course, thanks for accepting it!
    2. billybifta
      Thanks for the request :)
    3. SoundwaveFanboy
    4. G1DeadEnd
      Of course, man! :) Thanks for the request!
    5. SoundwaveFanboy
      Thanks for accepting my friend Request man. :)
    6. Lord N
      Lord N
      haha yep :)
    7. G1DeadEnd
      Haha, sweet! Building a battalion huh? :)
    8. Lord N
      Lord N
      not sure how many but i have like 40 TFP figures mostly cause i have 15 vehicons
    9. G1DeadEnd
      Cool, how many TFP toys are there (transformers, not masks, puzzles etc.)?

      My favorite series?
      Hmmm. I own G1 (movie included),Japanese Headmasters, BW, BM, Energon, Cybertron, Animated sans season 3 (grrrrr >:( ), TFP and movies . . . I watched about a half of RID on youtube (an coincidentally have probably most toys from that series :), and have never seen Armada (but would like to own all of the series).

      Soo, to answer your question -- probably G1, because it has the longest run/most episodes. But BW, and TFP are probably close second, and third favorites.
    10. Lord N
      Lord N
      i got pretty much the entire TFP line except for Unicron what is ur favorite TF series
    11. G1DeadEnd
      Um, no -- I haven't bought any Animated, or TFP figures. Do you? I was always very picky buying toys . . . if it's a good solid design, or I really like something about it, and it's affordable, I'll buy it. Though the last toys i bought were a couple of DOTM figures (deluxe Bee & Dread Suburban + voyager Megatron).
    12. Lord N
      Lord N
      Hi im enjoying most of season 3 I agree with u 100% we need robots not humans do u buy the figures
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