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Jun 7, 2022
Nov 13, 2003
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Jun 7, 2022
    1. SpencimusPrime
      I too play guitar.
    2. Foster
    3. Foster
      You know, now I remember her telling me that. She talks SO much, it's impossible to remember it all.

      We've got costume ideas and just have to work out the execution.
    4. Foster
      Are you having a Halloween party this year?
    5. Lance Halberd
      Lance Halberd
      I had a zombie dream last night, and you were in it! But not as a zombie, though. We were camping at the pond near the house I grew up in, and there was a "controlled zombie outbreak" and the zombies came, and we had to fight them off, as part of some sort of "live ammunition" training exercise.

      ... It was way cooler in the dream, trust me.
    6. justinRODimus
      i like tuhtles
    7. Bryan
      I love your profile pic.
    8. Lance Halberd
      Lance Halberd
      Stop it Paul, you're scaring me.
    9. Lance Halberd
      Lance Halberd
      Last Tuesday, my left contact did fall out. I was in a meeting, and couldn't excuse myself to put it back in, so I cupped it in my left hand for 45 minutes till I was able to head back to my office and use the eyedrops I carry with me to rehydrate it and stick it back on my eyeball.

      I've never had a dream about my eye falling out, but years ago, I used to have a very recurrent dream about my teeth falling out. It wasn't just a tooth here or there, but a whole row of teeth and sections of jawbone as well. I once read that dreaming of teeth falling out meant that one was concerned about money and finances. The dream happens now every once and a while, but never at the frequency that it once did. While I am concerned about my finances, I think the dream is more to guilt me about my lackluster flossing regimen.
    10. TrickyDisco
      Best profile pic EVAH.
    11. Superquad7
      I love you buddy. :)
    12. Elita_One
      I thought I had you on my friends list?

    13. Elita_One
      Thanks. Sort of wish I never won, though. I passed on good luck to everyone and in the end, kindness gets you shit on.
    14. GeewunGrimlock
      I like turtles.
    15. Liokaiser
      What do you have left for sale or trade? You haven't posted in the junkion since before Botcon.
    16. Liokaiser
      No problem man. I'm just have the Botcon blue's. Can't wait to hear were it's going to be.
    17. Liokaiser
      How are you doing man? You find that G2 Ramjet fin? :D
    18. Lance Halberd
    19. Lance Halberd
    20. Lance Halberd
      Lance Halberd
      That actually makes a lot of sense.

      The penis is a symbol of power. Perception would then lead us to believe that the bigger the penis, the more masculine a guy is, and the more masculine a guy is, the more power he has, and the more power he has, the more superior he is to other men. Although I can tell you, the number of well-hung queeny nellie bottoms is surprising.

      Straight men brag to their straight guy friends about the monstrous schlong they drag between their legs, because chances are their straight guy friends will never see it, so the claim can never be refuted.

      Gay men on the other hand never brag to their gay friends about what they're packing because good chances are their friends will eventually and easily find out one way or another, and once they find out someone doesn't live up to what he makes himself out to be, it's all downhill from there.
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    I saw a Boxing commercial and it said "It's a fight to the finish" Thats a good place to end.