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Aug 1, 2023
Jul 1, 2002
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<b><font color=brickred>oye chak de phatte!</font>

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Aug 1, 2023
    1. ABH1979
      Surprise Buttseks!
    2. hellrasinbrasin
      Now I'm confused, you can't have a political discussion in the discusion thread but you can have a political discussion about the politics within the various TF Multiverses. I guess the rule of thumb here is Yes-Yes (Fictional Politics) Yes-No (Real Politics). That's
      my interpretation of what I read oh well no real reason to dwell on the matter of weather a living cat's in the box or not -- as mind bendingly reversed the rules sound at times they are what they are... lets just assume we had this conversation and move on.
    3. PrimusVsUnicron
      couldn't use my snow thread cause I had to go to bed last night
    4. LightHope
      Check out my PM bro.
    5. Slone1993
      hey whats up i am member here that came here about 3 weeks ago now i am not wntirely sure about this so can u answer my question. i posted season 3 music from transformers g1 as a thread on here that was from youtube would the thread be closed for that.
    6. moreprimeland
      Wondered what happened, you posted on your, who needs sleep?? Yes, we will do this again...soon!! gnst big D! ;)
    7. FreshDebesh
      Haha same here? Do this again soon?
    8. moreprimeland
      Right now, you could run thru my mind and not hit too much (my mind's a bit of a blank slate now)...but I've had some great laughs tonite and enjoyed all your "running" commentary. It's always a pleasure. :D
    9. moreprimeland
      I was just going to check one thing...and make a teasing comment about running, then go to bed, but surprise!, you were here...and I didn't want to run out on ya...this time difference thingy can be a killer tho...I'm going to regret this in the a.m.....nah, not too much.
    10. moreprimeland
      Awww thank you, I would give you the same grade!! Teacher's pet!! hee hee

      Now I can't sleep tho, shame on you...:ev:
    11. moreprimeland
      All right!! Multiple choice, how about D...all of the above! My fave! ;)
    12. moreprimeland
      Crunches or push ups, your call! :D
    13. moreprimeland
      :o Awwwwww...

      So hamburgers and beers it is....
      Guess you have to keep your energy levels up..all that running and other things... ;)
    14. moreprimeland
      :lol You have a thing for burgers and beers dontcha?? As long as it's a good burger, I'm game.
    15. moreprimeland
      Let me know if I can chase you around and increase your running speed! ;)

      Or you can chase me..either way could work!! hee hee
    16. moreprimeland
      Good, but slowing down as fall/winter season comes's a seasonal thing, except for the folks who are coating walls and floors inside warehouses, schools, etc. Boring stuff :D

      Ah, so December you'll have cause to celebrate I hope..research can keep ya busy for a while. :thumb

      Soup is a good idea, I have some chicken tortilla soup that's yummy.
      I know you're busy with work and stuffs, so going to have some soup. ttus.
    17. moreprimeland
      Hey, you are alive!!!, was over at the Thundercats site doing a little reading, and was just logging out when your post popped up!! hee hee :ev:

      Other than that, just wondering what to have for dinner, soup or salad??

      So work and school going okie-dokie??
    18. moreprimeland
      *sexy whistle*

      Ohhhh, Debesh, where are you???
    19. moreprimeland
      Consider yourself "stalked" ;)

      How ya doin'?? Where have you been lately?? It's boring without ya!
    20. moreprimeland
      I didn't say you had to "behave" just that you better be good!! ;)

      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! The children of the corn are trying to take me awwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! HELP!! :eek:
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