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Jul 29, 2013
Jun 24, 2009
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Megatron wants YOU

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Jul 29, 2013
    1. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      How have you been?
    2. mrdecepticon
      hey your last day of megatron story is amazing check my fan fic out when you get time its starting off its called spark of the dead
    3. eagc7
    4. eagc7
      there were only 2 bees left when i got my bee
    5. eagc7
    6. eagc7
      Got DOTM Dlx bee

      btw by soem strange reason the Box of my dotm bee is USA Box of the DOTM Toys and the international box wanna see pics so u can see what i mean?
    7. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      that siggy is super awsome!!
    8. eagc7
      btw ya know I WAS THIS CLOSE in seeing G1 last year, i actually was considering giving it a chance and i evne waited for a youtube vid of episdoe 1 to load but at the end i Decided to not see it
    9. eagc7
      btw i have another reason on why i refuse t osee tf shows wanna hear it or not (so we can stop this watch tf shows thing)
    10. Starscreamer69
      I've seen it and it looked sweeeet! For some reason or another, I reckon it would be cool to have an iconic slow mo shot of them all walking together, side by side. It's cliche, but hey! It would be so sweet to have them all in one shot looking cool.

      Andyeah, I learnt that mistake from Clash of the Titans and Thor, both of which were pretty underwhelming when it came to the 3D.
    11. eagc7
      i have read Some DC Comics but im more into Marvel
    12. eagc7
      Spidey, Cap america, Iron man, thor and hulk
    13. eagc7
      i read marvel comics in my computer, paly video games, and read dinosaurs books and read garifled comics
    14. Starscreamer69
      Ahhh, I know what you mean. The movie boards was clustered up with so much TF4 threats not so long ago. Prime's breaks is really killing the momentum the show is starting to pick up. At least MLP keeps me tied over, for the moment anyway.

      And, no, I haven't but I'm exited to. I've heard good things about it, except for the 3D. Did you stay after the credits for the Avengers teaser?
    15. eagc7
      liek what?
    16. eagc7
      i think i may found out what causes my lack on interest on other tf continutys, it has to be the asperger syndrome i have. because my freind Yoakem (from tfw2005 of course) said that she knows 3 ppl with asperger, this is what she told me

      Because sometimes people with aspergers/autism/whatever have a one or a few key interests that the really get into. My one friends brother is obsessed with trains. That's all he reads about, all he talks about. My other friend has two kids, one loves fans and another adores learning about insects and stuff.
      So my asperger may be the reason i only have interest in bayformers but lack fo any on the other continutys
    17. Starscreamer69
      Unfortunately, yes I have, ahaha. It was just too hard to resist.

      But not much man, just been pretty chilled and easygoing lately. How about you?
    18. eagc7
    19. eagc7
      i saw it last friday :)
    20. eagc7
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