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Jan 16, 2013
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Jun 9, 2019
    1. UltraAlanMagnus
      Oh Man That Avatar. :lol

      I Founded somewhat Simalar to that.
      Get me down! by ShadowBionics on deviantART
      I Call it "The Devil Dinobot & the Moon Girl".
    2. QLRformer
      "In the name of the Moon, me Grimlock punish you!" Cool pic XD
    3. EnergonWaffles
      When a thread is already over 140 pages that's just asinine for you to say that. Unless the first page contains your FAQ it doesn't make sense to have it hanging around in the middle of a megathread. You know full well this thread will be 500 pages in no time.
      Thanks for your concern and sorry you feel it was asinine to consolidate all the questions into a FAQ, but as I'm in that thread almost the whole day, I can always link it when spotting a newcomer, which was the plan.

      Of course nobody will go through the entire 150+ pages. However, some of the questions asked repeatedly were answered within the first few pages, the page before it was asked, or in some cases on the same page.

      I'm sorry if that bothers you.
    4. Nope
      I dig that profile pic.
    5. eagc7
      Dinosaur theme of 2014's film offerings(Jurassic World, Godzilla, TF4, and so)
      Jurassic World comes 2015, not 2014
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