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    1. Mr Megatron
      Mr Megatron
      Hubcap does have that certain charm, even without knowing anything about him. The g1 hubcap was one of my first transformers, still have him today.
    2. Mr Megatron
      Mr Megatron
      Love the sig! Hubcap never gets any love.
    3. Snake_eyes1975
      dude..LOVE the sig. Im in MI too. The 80's Fbody is one of my all time fav rides. had a few. Lot of camaros too. Anyway, real cool sig. an MP windcharger in that bird alt mode would be a dream come true
    4. Basilisk
      I feel like we need a better Side Burn. But yeah I don't think he'll be a Lambo for several reasons firstly like you said too many lambos in one line, secondly his colour scheme wouldn't be hugely different to breakdown and thirdly the off road mode in IDW would be a bit pointless if it wasn't going to coincide with the new Prowl. I'm hoping he's a new mold that will get retooled into Swindle.

      Someone customised BH Bulkhead into X-Brawn that would work well :P
    5. Basilisk
      hadn't considered the possiblility of RID Prowl out of Breakdown. But if Sunstreaker is made that's unlikely would still be nice to get that as an exclusive or something he'd look great next to my TFCC Scourge :P
    6. astrocreep777
      Also they retooled and redeco a few other transformer items which i plan to get in the future if you want me to I can send you a few links
    7. Underwear
      Omg you've been a member since '02 & you only have 7 postings?

      Where have you been all this while? Lol
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