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Tin Toy Transformer

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Nov 21, 2021
    1. Benscollectables
      Apparently so lol :)
    2. Benscollectables
    3. megatroptimus
    4. Blitz.
      cant say I watched it much as a kid it was a bit before my time but I like the look of what I have seen
    5. Blitz.
      I've moved for work a few times so thats all good.
    6. Blitz.
      well it all depends on rate sheets and what you feel is right and thats something my collage/uni never really helped with apart from saying your going to need one.
    7. Blitz.
      wow look at that I even made a comment... I might look into it if my work shifts are faily good next week (yeah working retail is not great for having time to do other things)
    8. Blitz.
      might be a bit too short a deadline for me right now but if he wants to do a G2 set or really any other I will be more then game
    9. Blitz.
      no not on the card set but hey if you do a 2nd set I'd chip in
    10. Maz
      Hi mate, I can't say that I have all the precise info at hand or that I've ever known the precise release order. As far as I know, 1985 was all re-use and re-jigging of Diaclone, Beetras, Micro Change Series Bandai/Matsushiro, Toyco and Toybox moulds. The new moulds first saw release in 1986 afaik.
    11. Obsidian X
      Obsidian X
      Hopefully Auto Assembly Europe happens next year.
      Ok, I havn't noticed, I guess I am blind to most other toylines besides Transformers.
      I havn't really bought much old G1 stuff since back in the day. I buy some Micromaster (which I love) but thats been about it.
      Maybe I'll get back into G1 collecting though, so far I have struggled to keep up and get what I want from current Transformer toylines. I sort of hope I can manage to slow down my Transformers buying habits a bit. Then I can think about what I 'need' of the G1 stuff, besides what survived my childhood I mean.
      Haha, yeah maybe your theory about it not being wasn't lagom enough for the Swedish audiance is correct :lol
      It sure as hell wasn't lagom enough for me at least. Though that didn't stop me buying the movies on DVD, buying the movie verse comic TPBs and some toys from the movie line...
    12. Obsidian X
      Obsidian X
      Yeah. Not many Transformer toys to buy in Sweden and the few we get are usually so expensive. With the high cost and small selection of Transformers in Sweden I doubt it will get more popular either. I usually buy stuff online instead.
      I guess there is probably even less Transformer toys to find in Norrbotten than the Stockholm region.

      Indeed, not many fans it seems. When I was a kid Transformers where plentyfull in Sweden though, in the mid-eighties.
      I was at Auto Assembly Europe last year, it was in Uppsala a little bit north of Stockholm. Only maybe 50 attendees or thereabouts. The NTFA boards are usually pretty quiet too The Nordic TransFans Association (NTFA) and that forum includes fans from the whole nordic region, still not much activity there.
    13. Obsidian X
      Obsidian X
      Stockholm. Well, some 20 kilometers south of Stockholm at least.
    14. CZ Hazard
      CZ Hazard
      it never clicked. Duh!
    15. TrueNomadSkies
      Nope. Just a friendly rodent.
    16. TrueNomadSkies
      Miscommunication it was, then.
    17. TrueNomadSkies
    18. TrueNomadSkies
      Golden Compass wasn't that bad, at least I didn't think so. Like, I wouldn't rank it as one of my favorite movies or anything & there were definitely parts where I was cursing at my tv about the stupidity of certain characters/how things played out, but most of those things made sense to me as things progressed, and I think much of the negative feedback has to do with the expectations people had coming outa the trailers & book series.

      Would I recommend that you buy this movie & see it with your pants down at all costs? Probably not, but if its on TV or if you have access to a couple of hours when its online, I'd say give it a shot, especially if you're into fantasy/sorcery type shit.
    19. MTME
      it definately was scary, it's obviously a ploy on Michael Jackson but damn it looked real, and very scary
    20. rxlthunder
      One day I want to learn Japanese and live there for a while.
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