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    1. Releaser...
      Check your inbox, sir.
      1. Releaser...
        Check your inbox, sir part 2...
        Feb 19, 2017
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        Check your inbox, sir part 3.
        Mar 5, 2017
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    3. oku
      I got the figures today. Thanks for the superb packaging.
    4. Superquad7
      Do you still have any extra TF:TO stickers? If so, I have a few I'm looking for!
    5. Mighty.Maximal
      Just getting back in contact. Sorry had so much family issue it flew out of my mind especially after we lost regular contact for a bit.

      Did you still have the stuff ?
    6. UltimusPrime
      Do not think I am flaking because I have not sent payment yet. I have had a bunch of people back out of sales and paypal is still holding my funds.

      I plan on paying ASAP.
    7. grimlockprime
      doesn't matter which version of shockwave it is,it for a custom
    8. grimlockprime
      pm me your paypal addy
    9. stingmachine
      Hi Fisch! Just wanted to let you know that I got my jet twins today! I love them so much. Thanks for everything =u= <3
    10. grimlockprime
      thank you very much
    11. grimlockprime
      can you hold the skyjack till next thursday?
    12. Mighty.Maximal
      No hurry just let me know when your ready.
    13. Mighty.Maximal
      OK I was just curious if there was a little more room in the box for another item or two is all I'll be insanely busy Sunday-Tuesday Midday but after that I'll be about much more to discuss anything with you with regard to getting things concluded.

      So I'll write you again as soon as possible. Feel free to write to me though if you wish.

      All the best Regards M'Max
    14. Mighty.Maximal
      RE: Our order
      I think the mail service we need is this.

      Priority Mail® International
      Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108"
      6 - 10 business days
      $75.50 (Post office Price)
      $71.73 (Online price)

      What I'd like to ask please is the box you have is the dimensions close to the max dimensions allowed as listed above - as I was still interested in the odd item in addition to the main ones I asked after so I was wondering what else might be squeezed into the box you have or a box you might be able to find that is under those dimensions in case I can add the odd extra bit.

      I've got pretty much all the money I need to pay you now. so If we can work out the final details that would be great.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Regards M'Max
    15. Mighty.Maximal
      Something random I found that is funny - You can seemingly buy US $ stamps for less than face value as they get sold off in bulk to collectors/dealers so that is a cheaky way of saving a few bucks buying defunct stamps - that said the discount is probably no more than printing the labels on your computer is.

      I found it amusing though as I never thought of the idea getting stamps cheap before it's almost like discounted money - 'laugh'.
    16. Mighty.Maximal
      Additional : #3

      Just to confuse me further under the country terms and conditions it say :

      Size Limits :
      Maximum length: 36 inches
      Maximum length and girth combined: 79 inches

      But that is the same size as "Express mail" weight limits - so I hope the larger limit does not apply to "Priority mail" - but as I keeps saying USPS website is incomprehensible at best.
    17. Mighty.Maximal
      2/2 :

      Interestingly I found some different info to what I saw before that says you can have a 15" by 9" envelope that isn't flexible - that option was gone last time I looked - but it's back now. but the terms and condition and mail guide still says they have to be flexible but if you put the option in it asks you if it's flexible annd if you say no it still gives you an envelope rate - which is "Odd" The reason I mention it is I know the old envelope rate was considered ideal for posting someone a couple of deluxes internationally so I'll be curious to see if it's really back or not.

      Anyway enough random wittering.

      Using the maximum dimensions above do you think you can fit anything else not on my main list in a slightly bigger box that is still inside that size limit - ?
    18. Mighty.Maximal
      1/2 :

      I have been poking about the USPS website - it's very hard to understand but if I'm doing it right it looks like the appropriate mail service is :

      Priority Mail® International
      Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108"
      6 - 10 business days
      $75.50 (Post office Price)
      $71.73 (Online price)

      I think the dimensions you gave me are under that.
    19. Mighty.Maximal
      Fex Ex "economy" is no good as a direct service it just gives you a comedy figure. of over 230.00 and then doesn't even specify if that's pounds or dollars.
    20. Mighty.Maximal
      Here's a laugh for you Interparcel same parcel from UK to USA is £56.80 the reverse ; From USA to UK £163.50.
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