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    1. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Oooo! You were in the TF: the Ride today! Everything turned as good as in your previous visit? What is the reaction of people? Were there many fans? :) It's incredible interesting! :) By the way, great photos!
    2. 3.8TransAM
      Cant read your reply to bad gateway, can u hit me back here? hope this works lol
    3. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout

      Yet another step showing this is less about the fans, and more about FunPub. But after Swindlegate, I'm not surprised.
      What is "Swindlegate" exactly?
    4. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Hello! I couldn't get a visa to US. Need a good invitation. I contacted one person from the US, he could write, but for some reason he does not respond to my recent emails... In general, in any case, I don't manage to go to opening... I hope to get all the documents and to go in July, after the exams.
    5. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Thanks! Luck will be needed me :)
    6. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      I watched DOTM in Imax 3D in the last summer, it was incredibly awesome, can not even imagine how it will be in TF: the Ride. I believe that I will be at the opening on May 25, it all depends on the decision of the U.S. Consul :) It would be good to see Los Angeles :)
    7. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      So how is it? I watched the video from your news-post, it's sooooo awesome... I really want to go there (I just prepared to cry :cry), but getting a visa to US is a not-easy problem...
    8. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Hello! How do you know so much about TF: the Ride?
    9. eagc7
      ohhhhhhhh, well he makes weird threads or threads that make no sense (and his spelling problems are worse than mines)
    10. eagc7
      not all of my polls are stupid (some are, i do agree)
    11. The621
      Oh! Then. No worries here! Haha! My bad!
    12. The621
      I might have been a party member! But I swear I just watched them dial the number! I swear!
    13. rxlthunder
      Psssst, tfmx8 is a brony. It all makes sense!
    14. Atlas42
      Me neither! We have so much in common.
    15. Atlas42
      Don't you like bronies?
    16. The621
      Still awesome!
    17. The621
      You're in Air Force? Rock on!
    18. Atlas42
      I don't remember. Were we arguing about something?
    19. THEdeathsHEAD
      "...Right falcon?"


      I love thet commercial. :lol
    20. ShOcKwAvE1213
      I fell in love with the camaro ever since the movie. I felt the same way with the spoiler when I first saw it, but I have grown to like that camaro a lot. I actually do like the wide stripes. I'd still take any camaro in a heartbeat though.
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