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    1. Fallout
      you fucking rule
    2. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      OMG. What the fuck is wrong with people?
      Dude, you're damn right... (About a tragedy in Denver)
    3. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      I heard that during the firefighting a big airplane "Hercules" dropped... It reminds me of the fires in Russia in 2010, then we have nothing to breathe... It was awful...
    4. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Hi! How are you? I heard that in California there are large forest fires, it even was showed in russian news.
    5. eagc7
      Who the hell is Mermaid Man?
      He's a character from Spongebob Squarepants
    6. Barricade24
    7. Barricade24
      Thanks for the Evac. :thumbs2:
    8. Superquad7
    9. Surge
      That's ok. Awesome avatar by the way. :rock
    10. Surge
      I edited my post in the dog thread again and I just want to say I apologize. My dog is my best friend so I took it a bit far. Yes our dog barks at squirrels and rabbits but we live in a pretty desolate neighborhood and no one's ever complained. What I meant by "shrug it off" is that I don't get extremely frustrated with him; if his barking is starting to be disruptive, usually a loud and to-the-point "SHUT UP!" calms him down right away.
    11. The621
      Justice has been served afterall, huh? :drunk
    12. The621
      And yes. I think it's a combination of all as well. No person is that idiotic to skip details when watching a damn cartoon, are they?
    13. The621
      Thanks for understanding. It's been quite a rough semester and time.

      Here's to a cheers to you! A Blue Moon with Orange Slice. :drunk
    14. The621
      Remember some of the posts and gripes against those marks Wheeljack30, GENOZAUR, QLRFormer, and others? Well, search their posts, and their threads they make. Look at the thread history for ALL of them... Then try NOT to scratch you eyes and brains out as you wonder "What the fuck!? You guys posted the SAME exact fucking thread about something months ago and then this month you post it again!". Or wonder "Why the blue billy fuck you ask that?! They stated right in the episode HOW he was revived and you just watched the episode!!!"

      I need a drink. I'll be back...
    15. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      And you were even in Uzbekistan! This is policy, of course, but I did not expect that the US sent their soldiers even so far, it's still former Soviet Union. But it was the response, reasonable response, not aggression!
      In Russia a lot of terrorism, there were many terrible tragedies, when the whole country was in mourning, but the war on terror have not reached such a scale as in the US. In fact, after 9/11 was no longer such terrorist attacks, because your intelligence services work well, but we have explosions and dozens or even hundred of victims every 1-2 years. Not a disaster, but how many broken destinies!...
      We have a lot to learn from your nation! It is not clear why politicians do not understand this...
    16. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      What do you do there? My father served there during the war in Afghanistan.
    17. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Yeah, it's awesome! It's hard to imagine...
      Come to us in Moscow, we also have many interesting things! Even Michael Bay had already been in Russia! :D
    18. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Do people live in Hollywood! :D (Traditional Russian phrase)
    19. eagc7

      and i know he's not out, otherwise you would had shown him
    20. eagc7
      i have a question, do you have any idea much the tfs they were selling at the ride cost?
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