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Oct 24, 2016
Aug 17, 2010
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FatalT 71

Mr. JazzHunter, 49

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Oct 24, 2016
    1. Meta777
      Oh wow, really? Awesome! No more late-night shifts for you, right? :D
    2. Fallout
      that sounds awesome, holy crap. how many people can honestly say they've fired a tank? or even know a guy who's fired a tank?

      aw, what. that sucks :(
    3. Fallout
      bahahaha :lol what'd ya do in the army then?
    4. Fallout
      what'd ya do in the USAF, bud?
    5. Fallout

      holy crap, that's hilarious :lol
    6. Fallout
    7. Meta777
      Hiya, Fatal! Been a fair while since we last chattered :D

      How have you been? :)
    8. Bumblebee765
      Hey man, you might like this latest fan fiction of mine: TransFormers: Epiphany It's about your favorite character. :wink: Here's hoping I did him some justice!
    9. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, nice! I had no idea where it was from. :lol
    10. Bumblebee765
      THAT'S THE ONE!!! I thought you'd have it; I've seen you use it before. :wink: What's it from?
    11. Bumblebee765
      Where's that gif of the guy putting his hand up like he's going to argue, then just covers his mouth? :lol
    12. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, sorry then. I'm more of a Marvel guy. :D No prob. My friend's been telling me to watch it for a while, and I've said I'd get around to it, and now I finally am! :lol Now I'm going to be even more tempted by the Spidey LEGO sets though! :lol
    13. Bumblebee765
      I just caught an episode my brother was watching, and it might just be my love for the wall crawler, but it was amazing! I finally found the first episode online so I can watch it. Hopefully I'll be caught up by Monday when season two premieres! (I'm not sure if you're more of a Marvel of a DC, so I thought I'd bring it up anyway. :wink:)
    14. Bumblebee765
      Hey Fates, have you seen Ultimate Spider-Man yet? :)
    15. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, that's what I keep saying. :lol I've seen the first episode, and I really liked it, but I have yet to watch the second. :o
    16. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, yupp! :) Have you seen his new show yet? I've only seen the first episode so far, but I'm hoping to catch up this week. :wink:
    17. GFH
      I wish I could expect better, but it doesn't seem that way.
    18. GFH
      I hear the sound of heads exploding...:lol
      As soon as they realized I wasn't going to tell them what they wanted to hear they changed the subject. Typical. :rolleyes2
    19. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, cool! I just want to assemble a bunch of the Spider-Man Minifigures, plus a few others. (Hawkeye, Iron Man, Wonder Woman :wink:) I like Green Arrow being on that Justice League list though! He's my favorite DC character after Wonder Woman (maybe even number one), but he doesn't get as much recognition as the others.
    20. mandiprime97
      Hey thanks man, you too. Always doing what I can for my family, friends and country.
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