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Oct 24, 2016
Aug 17, 2010
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FatalT 71

Mr. JazzHunter, 52

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Oct 24, 2016
    1. WEEGEE
      You alive bro?
    2. Fallout
      where you at, bro?!
    3. Dark Skull
      Dark Skull
      I see you lurking over there :p
    4. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      How┬┤s Jazz and the baby? :)
    5. Bumblebee765
      Hopefully! It does seem like they're trying to release at least one new hero each year, and the Lanterns are a big focus in the upcoming video game, so maybe that'll bring you're lucky break! :wink:
    6. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, understandable! I wish they wouldn't use such major character for those.
    7. Bumblebee765
      Nice! I was wondering if you were going to have Green Arrow be a part of the team.
    8. Bumblebee765
      I've gotten fairly good at feeling them, but at first I was awful. I thought the Samurai was a Baseball Player. :lol I still have to track down the Movie bags for a Bad Cop, Abraham Lincoln, and President Business. :D

      Who's in your Justice League? Green Lantern's going to be pretty hard to get, unless they release him in a set.
    9. Bumblebee765
      From what I've heard the console version is really amazing!

      Ha-ha, I hear you on that account! I've almost been sucked into the Movie sets a few times though, but I manage to stick to LotR/Hobbit... for now. :lol I half hope it ends next year, just in case Harry Potter comes back in 2016 so I don't have two themes to collect at one! :D That's right! It could be something a lot more destructive! Have you bought any of the blind bag Minifigures yet? Those things are so addictive...
    10. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, yeah, congrats on the baby! :) The SPACESHIP! does look really excellent! I may be pulled in by that one too. Which version did you get? I have the 3DS version, and I love it! I pre-ordered it too, so I have thew Bilbo Minifigure. :D
    11. Bumblebee765
      Things have been pretty good! Yeah, a few Hobbit/Lord of the Rings sets. :D They are my biggest bane! :lol How have you been? :)
    12. Dark Skull
      Dark Skull
      That's good to hear! No wonder you're not on here anymore :tongue:
    13. Dark Skull
      Dark Skull
      Man, I hardly see you two online anymore. How goes everything? :D
    14. Bumblebee765
      Hey Fatal! Did the Mrs. like her Ewok Village? :D
      Also, have you seen The Desolation of Smaug yet? :)
    15. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, that's AWESOME!!! :D She's going to love it for sure!
    16. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Cheers and have a happy marriage!
    17. Gordon_4
      I know it's probably gonna be a while before you both see this, what with embarking on a new chapter in your lives and all, but....

      Good luck and safe travels guys - you're both really excellent people and I wish the best for you :thumb
    18. Fallout
      congratulations bro :)
    19. Bumblebee765
      Ha-ha, I'm on the beginning of the fifth book. I really liked the part about Lady Stoneheart (which is ironic, since I didn't care for Catelyn at all), though I am kind of sad of what she did to Brienne. :cry
    20. Bumblebee765
      Hey Fatal! So I've been reading A Song of Ice and Fire again, and I'm almost done with the third book, but I got to the Red Wedding and what the heck just happened?!? Robb!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry
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