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    1. Tkemert20
      A website for buying Japanese toys.
    2. Tkemert20
      Never. JoJo is his baby, he's very particular about how others handle the franchise; the Phantom Blood movie took out one character and he banned it from home video release. :0
    3. Tkemert20
      I feel yah. I'm sure he'll just wait a few more years to retire though and finish with a 9th Part. But, JoJo is definitely coming to and end in the next 5-8 years. :( Rohan still gets plenty of spin-offs/one-offs tho.
    4. Tkemert20
      Ahh, nothing I guess? Spin-offs every so often maybe? Araki wants to retire at 60 and JoJolion's only about halfway through, and he's 55 now... I can't imagine him fitting in a Part 9 unless it's shorter or he waits a bit longer to retire. He's hinted at finishing with a Part 9 a LOT, even joking about it within JoJolion. But I dunno, it's hard to say.
    5. Tkemert20
      Never, there's no way for that to really work. Part 6 kinda ends in a way for there to be no real conflict either. We still get the Rohan spin-offs though, one just came out in December and those presumably take place in post-Stone Ocean IreneVerse.

      But nah, JoJo's stuck in the SBR-Verse and JoJolion is likely the last Part, sadly. :(
    6. Tkemert20
      Yeah I can't imagine why they'd bring concern, they're spectacular. I don't think theres a single BAD Part, even the light novels are cool.
    7. Tkemert20
      What AU series? Steel Ball Run and JoJolion? I wouldn't be concerned at all, they're some of the best, SBR is honestly Araki's magnum opus. JoJolion is ongoing still but it's my absolute favorite.
    8. Tkemert20
      A Stand towards the end of Part 4, haha. Part 4's anime has had a LOT of references to future fights/Stands/arcs actually, especially the OP and ED. Lots of references to the main villain too.
    9. Tkemert20
      David Pro has a knack for addressing a lot of oversights actually, they'll find an interesting way to reference it. Things like the Stand Arrows being in Part 3, the photo of the Crusaders in the desert from Part 5, adding the Joestar birthmark in Parts 1 and 2, and adding Super Fly in the first episode of Part 4 are some neat examples.
    10. Tkemert20
      Not really. I know Tumblr likes to act like it's true, but it's not. It's sorta satirizes reverse-harem anime I guess? It IS true that Araki planned on her being one though, but the editors weren't a big fan of that idea; that's why her "love interest" Annasui is introduced as a female at first, but is suddenly a male next chapter.
    11. Tkemert20
      Nice! Part 6 is wild, honestly THAT'S the most bizarre Part in the series. The villain is great too.
    12. Tkemert20
      Oh, you'll see. Stands get crazier, characters wilder, and scenarios are even more bizarre, haha. Parts 1-3 are definitely some of the least bizarre Parts, just wait until 6 gets animated!
    13. Meta777
      Our faces will be theirs.
    14. Meta777
      Harpoon the humans
    15. Meta777
      Depends how they react to the new story. God forbid they read something like War of the Worlds and decides to wage war on humanity or something!
    16. Meta777
      So much tragedy that even daughter dearest caught on to how psycho she was!
    17. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Idk, maybe. Why?
    18. Meta777
    19. Dr Kain
      Dr Kain
      Yeah, the hippy people from Turn A that looked like hippies. One of them looked like Hulk Hogan while the female leader was very masculine looking.
    20. Dr Kain
      Dr Kain
      You mean the Space Ninja Mayan people? Watched that one today. It was hilariously weird. Actually, they remind me of the moon hippies from Turn A.
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