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Harbinger of Apokalypse

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Jan 18, 2020
    1. Pravus Prime
      Pravus Prime
      Yup, I play DI on the 360, my handle is the same.
    2. Superquad7
      I have the Playmates figures that are the larger versions (not the first G.I.Joe sized figures). I also have some Micro Machines. I really want to sell them all as a lot, since it would take quite a bit to move anything from them from my parents' house to here. My mom wouldn't know a Klingon from a Picard.
    3. Superquad7
      It's strictly a money thing for me. I'm trying to just save up for Masterpieces that I'm looking for. I stay up with Generations that I like, but MPs are my priority. I'm having to pass on Jetfire right now simply to generate more resources for MPs. That's one of the main reasons I'm selling the stuff in my sales thread.

      I don't have any Star Wars stuff, but I do have a large collection of Star Trek: TNG Playmates figures MOSC. I have some of the vehicles misb, too. The collection is back in TN with my parents. If you're interested, LMK.
    4. Superquad7
      OOOOOhhhh, I gotcha! Typically when I see you post toy photos, it's of figures you've just gotten!

      I can't make it to the toy show, btw. I made plans Saturday night, so that means I have to sleep Saturday morning. Anytime you'd like to hang out on Saturday or Sunday evening, just lmk.
    5. Superquad7
    6. Jangonate
      I did get Q Rex. I have all the Gokaiger Mecha, so I bought it for my son. He's the reason my interest in the stuff has surged. It's easier to be a kid again and I was 10 and a big fan when Mighty Morphin' came out. I watch more Sentai than Power Rangers right now, though. Cameron's starting to watch Clone Wars with me, too. He's a little me.
    7. Jangonate
    8. Sixshot666666
      What power ranger sightings board were you on? I've been looking for something like that forever
    9. tabtiurf
      Try fbtb.net or lugnet
    10. Falconhood
    11. Jangonate
      I will always have a special place for Mighty Morphin' stuff. Had to get the Figuarts for that. I also like that they've been releasing the import zords for Samurai Oh and Goseiger. So much better than what we've gotten, but also more expensive. Like you said, though, giant robots for the win.

      Don't know about the two pack at retail. Amazon's the cheapest way to go, but because I'm not super excited about the current TFormers, I've had nothing to get, recently, and paid a little more on BBTS.

    12. Dormamu
      Totally agree. Thanks!
    13. Dormamu
      I'm gonna sound like an idiot for a second and ask if you've been watching the Transformers GO episodes, or just looking at the artwork. So far I have yet to find a subbed version online.
    14. Jangonate
      You know? I really want Vrak and Loogie, but it hasn't been bad enough to go out to TTC and Knightdale. There's been things in the past that I've gone out of my way for, but patience wins here.

      That's a lot of stuff you're wanting to pick up. If it wasn't for getting paid tomorrow, I might be in the same boat as you. Just ordered from Amiami.com a Morphin' Red Ranger and Green Ranger Figuarts, the 1966 Batman and Robin 2-Pack and have Nite Owl from Watchmen coming my way. I think I can still squeeze a Vrak and Loogie if I find him, though.
    15. Jangonate
      I actually was at a Target in Durham and found two Robo Knights. That means I must've just missed Vrak and Loogie. Targets the place to check, for sure.
    16. Jangonate
      Cool beans! Let me know if you find them and if there are extras. Don't know if you're looking to army build Loogies like some from Ranger Boards. I'm just looking for one.
    17. Jangonate
      Vrak and Loogie spotted at Knightdale Target. Don't know if it's still there or if that's near you, but I thought I'd tell you. Still haven't found them myself, but Knightdale's a little far for me to drive.
    18. Superquad7
      Sounds good to me.
      Yah I'm up for that movie. We'll see what the group decides to do!
    19. Dormamu
      The app is called CraigsNotification.
    20. Arkvander
      Hey sorry I missed you, I was volunteering from 7 until around 5:30 so they had me running around like a madman. Hopefully you had a good time, I know I did!
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