Aug 28, 2008
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    1. benu
      Would you ever consider opening a store to sell STLs? shapeways bad
      1. Tankhunter48
        Seconded! I have access to lower-cost 3D prints so I would prefer printing myself to buying from Shapeways. Maybe Cults 3D?
        Mar 10, 2021
    2. goobahead1
      hi i am in love with a number of your customs. if i understand correctly, you dont actually take commissions. so if i wanted to pay someone else to make a custom for me that copies one of your customs and uses shapeways parts from your store that i buy, is that ok?. i just wanted your permission before making any requests first. let me know!
    3. blastoff2334
      Would u ever consider making a vamparc ribbon cannon from idw?
    4. Delta Magnus
      Delta Magnus
      Say, what happened to your DOTM Shockwave hose? I can't seem to find it on your store, which is a shame as my Shockwave kinda needs it. Thanks!
      1. fakebusker83
        Mar 19, 2020
    5. Bumblejacker
      Hey I ordered a Chet head days ago and I was wondering if it can fit on RID15 Warrior class Bumblebee's body?
      1. fakebusker83
        Hi there,
        I can't say for sure as I don't own a RID15 Bumblebee. Generally it's rare for add-ons body parts to fit other moulds if they are not specifically designed for them though...
        Mar 19, 2020
    6. kjata
      I'm working on a custom Galvatron from Combiner Wars Cyclonus and was wondering if I could commission a head from you, and what kind of price we might be looking at for the whole process.
    7. fakebusker83
      BBPunk looks great, PL. Congratulations! Can't wait to see what else are you cooking!
    8. phoenixliger
      Hey Fakebusker. Just finished my prototype for BBpunk. got to make a few adjustments the areas where the model connect came out way to small. but i think ive managed to fix them just need to add some more detail to his sides an he should be ready. got a few more kits in the work. Im super excited by what i got planned this is just a start for a whole series of figure ive got planned. Big thanks for inspiring me to put my skills to good use.
    9. Markatron
      Why was the shipment of the posseable hands postponed? I got a mail that it was postponed
    10. Markatron
      hey I just bought the new poseable hands for Leader Class Sentinel Prime and Ironhide. They look great, but the Ironhide one idk how to put them on. You said a little bit on how to do it on your TFW2005 page, but I need help putting them together. PS are there any other poseable hands for leader class and voyager figures that you have made?
    11. Arquinsiel
      Totally didn't think of that. I'll give it a go and see what happens. Thanks!
    12. Arquinsiel
      So I'm trying to work out how to paint your Purrdator without having all the paint flake off at the joints. I'm thinking undercoat with GW black spray and then a layer of matte varnish to toughen it up. Any idea if that'll work or have you got other recomendations?
    13. Blurrz
      Hey, hope all is well..

      I remember you did this before, so I'm just shooting this your way. How do you remove Windblade's face? Do you have to destroy it pretty much?
    14. UNICRON1981
      Hi there i was wondering about the desecrated vambrace that was on shapeways. I've been looking for it and notice that you are the the designer of it, I saw it a while back and never had a chance to get it but now I've notice that I can't find it and was wondering if it's no longer available or how do I go about finding it. it's a very cool piece and would love to have another chance to get it. Thank you
    15. Fallout
      out of curiosity how much would i be looking at to get a custom headsculpt done by you? if that's even feasible that is
    16. phoenixliger
      hey Fakebusker quick question I just finished my first figure for 3d print but cant get my measurements right
      im using blender to model but when I design something with say a 2mm ports shapeway shrinks it for what ever reason when I resize the whole project it I lose my original measurements are the any programs I might be able to export to to get the right measurements back big thanks again
    17. grimtnt
      i really enjoyed your reviews and pictures of dragstrip and bombshell,
      I would love to see you do more reviews, especially the combiner wars stuff

      any chance you can give me a hint about any other ideas you've had for them?
    18. Shuggaroth
      Do any of your shapeways cannons work with WfC Megatron tank?
    19. Sideways77
      Alright. I'll just watch your thread until it comes back in.

    20. Sideways77
      How long until it should come back?
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