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Guide, Male, from PA

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    1. azmodyus
      Hey there, just checking to see if you still had the MMC Sphinx for sale or if it's gone already? If you have it, does that include shipping local in the states? If so, I'd definitely be willing to buy at asking price (if it's complete with accessories and such). Just let me know either way and thanks again for your time!
    2. Malverde007
      I want to ask knowlegable members to kindly start a thread that covers the g1 characters season-wise --- in CHUG scale, including third party stuff that could fill in the gaps of a predominantly siege scale collection.

      It would be a great service to the collectors who cant afford a large collection in masterpiece scale and thus cant benefit your masterpiece thread.

      kind regards
      1. eyescovered
        wow, yeah that would be a crazy long list.
        Jul 1, 2019
    3. RVeaks1973
      Great person to deal with, fast pay very honest.
    4. Italiandangla14
      He has been nothing short of terrific. Has helped me locate and track down 2 figures in the past couple of days. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
    5. Honesty
      That's pretty damn cool. I always tell my wife that I would love to go to a TF con of sorts to meet people. I'm not really into anime/anymore (except the art style itself and character design appreciation), but at least anime-type of conventions were semi plentiful and easy to meet people with like interests.

      Never thought I would really meet any Transformers collectors around here. I try to get my kid and wife into TF sometimes, but they have no interest really ._.

      My daughter is super into MLP, so that is one good thing if Hasbro makes a "HasCon" instead of straight up Bot-Con (I love 3P anyway, so not sure if I would ever go to an official convention regardless - would make an exception for her though!)

      And hey. At least you to out. We usually have everything delivered or brought home :( hahaha.
    6. Honesty
      Sweet! Yeah that's awesome.

      I was driving home with my wife one day, and noticed someone getting a package from BBTS (noticed the shipping tape they use with their lettering all over it haha), and I was like: "oo! Look! BBTS!" Lol

      The wife and kid already know what "pile of loot" means, hahaha.

      I am also surprised you know where Stroudsburg is. Many people in PA don't even have a clue! :)
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