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Jul 18, 2024 at 9:08 AM
    1. Excelsior Prime
      Excelsior Prime
      Thanks, OLRformer!
    2. QLRformer
      Super sig.
    3. Excelsior Prime
      Excelsior Prime
      Thanks for that link! Lots of good info over on BleedingCool. I was never a fan of Rich Johnston personally, but he gets some good scoop. My biggest disappointment are the changes to Superman's suit. To me, the best modern redesign was the one used for Earth-1. That's a great design, and it seems it's going to be free since DC doesn't seem to be too interested in the Earth-1 line anymore (I heard Batman: Earth One has been cancelled and JMS' Superman sequel is on hold)
    4. ElectricPrada09
      "The characters also are getting a makeover. While most of the specifics are still top secret, Lee says he worked with both staff and freelance artists to redesign costumes in a contemporary way as well as alter the physicality of many heroes and villains to modernize the DC Universe."
    5. ElectricPrada09
      Yeah man, did you see the link I posted for you? I'm digging the more modern look of the designs myself haha.
    6. ElectricPrada09
      This may interest you. Jim Lee:
    7. Excelsior Prime
      Excelsior Prime
      Same here, saitoh! If you have a chance, visit my forum and register. I'd like to see a community of TF fans grow, even if it's just a few of us.
    8. saitoh155
      Good to see another Lafayette native in here
    9. Haloid1177
      Hey, always nice to meet a fellow Louisiana Collector. So, you like Star Wars. Do you still collect, more specifically do you collect the new Clone Wars line?
    10. Ethereal
      Another English teacher!? *waves* ^_^
    11. SharkyMcShark
      As opposed to you, telling people to get their heads out of their asses.

      That's impressive.
    12. biscuits
      hey how are you
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