Jun 10, 2009
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Overseer of Weird

    1. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      No, Everythings clean and lots of School friends in there. Including friends of Important girl. Which is another story I'm not going to get into.
    2. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Yeah I got Facebook, Twitter too. And Tumblr!

      Twitter link in my Sig,
      Jacob White on Facebook. It should say Richard Hardy beneath my name.
      And spartan3764 on Tumblr.

      Hey, Your Facebook is clean right? I have some other friends on there.
    3. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Well I hope the best for you.

      If you ever want someone to talk too I'm here, I've dealt with my fair share of shit even today.
    4. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I feel you, I'm having to get a job and deal with a lot of things.

      Mind of I ask if your okay?
    5. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      How do you not know of Dashcon?
    6. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      You take good care of the MLP thread.
    7. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I don't have netflix... Anything else? I don't like Rules... So... I'll break some to get what i want...
    8. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Hey man, I've been looking around I've grown a strong interest in baka to test to shōkanjū.
      I was wondering if you knew i good site i could watch it on.

      You just strike me as the guy thta would know...
    9. Brave Magnus
      Brave Magnus
      That's the real reason why Molly was banned?! Such stupid! Come on! They barely showed anything! There were only insinuations and that's all. D8 It was a fun blog to read! Cant believe some stupid people made her go. :( And I feel sorry for JJ o course. He/she really didnt deserve any of those hate messages :(
    10. Purple Heart
    11. QLRformer
      That's a very nice sig you have there.
    12. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Sorry i didn't get back to you, Everytime i went to reply.. I found myself watching the video again.. Gotta love StarBomb...

      As you can see, I love it loads..
    13. Haloid1177
      I mean this in the nicest possible way.

      You are not the person to be arguing the point in that thread. Just let it be.
    14. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      We're Out numbered, On the Offense and don't hav sa good chance..

      It's their Loss that their too short sighted to see we are actually a good,Decent Fandom.

      If they can't see that and don't have enough care to to figure out the good we do, And the things we have achieved.. Then thats their loss bro.

      The Threads taken a turn for the worst.. I think it's time to leave with a word of maturity and out up the coats.
    15. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Lol, Well your looking ag Generations Nut here.

      As for the movie line... I love the Universe... But Those toys are just shit(Minus a few.)

      Came across the Smash and Change Optimus at Walmart yesterday.. Obsolutely enraging.
    16. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      So what what TF lines do tou collect?
    17. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I was referring to your Avatar..
    18. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Oh Twilight.. Do i bore you?
    19. Shortwave
      Yeah neices love that show now. lol.
    20. Shortwave
      Hay subscribed to you on youtube.. least i think its you.
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