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Jan 31, 2011
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Apr 29, 2011
    1. RocketScience
      Hey Cocoalocoa! :D
      You really should get on. xD
      It's been over 2 weeks since I PMed my portion ofthe confusing RP. xD
    2. RocketScience
      Okay, [=
      Dun worry, Coast will manage. xD
      Yeah, I think tfw2005 is a lot better than WC. But mainly because it's all Transformersy.
      Good luck!
      She's gotta long way ta go. xD ... Did I ever tell you talking to her sometimes makes me nervous/jumpy some. ?
      Poor posters...
      Duck- duck- duck- GOOSE! Yeah, these smiles are epic!
      Awesome! Lol. xD
      I know right? -sighs- But I suppose you're in Algebra2? O.o

      I'll copy and paste any important messages. But I'm kinda mad at WC right now for banning yah.
      .... SOunds fun! ^^;
    3. RocketScience
      Cocoa, I've missed you more then Sunstreaker would miss Sideswipe after Sideswipe got locked in the brig for a reeeally long time after doing something to Ratchet. xD
      I can't stand being Cocoaless!

      Lol! xD Nice...
      Well, tfw2005 is the perfect place to find out about TF3!
      -pets- Lol.

      Awww. I gotta go nom food. Get that PM though okay?
    4. RocketScience
      Thanks for catching up on the PMs. :D
      Annnd, the other one I replied to that's not are weird RP, is the answer to that really important question you asked on WC. But hopefully you'll get on today, I leave Tuesday for a week trip at school. ;)
    5. RocketScience
      73 days+ :bay ( :crazy: ) + :music (LP) = Transformers 3= :jawdropper: + :popcorn

      Heh. I like my equation thingy. Math makes so much more sense now! ^^
    6. RocketScience
      Awesome! If you'll get on here more, I might just stop flooding your profile on WC with VMs. xD Lol. xD
      I'm a computer geek and a Transformers nerd- perfect! xD
      There's this guy in my glass, geek in general like a school geek, I wanna use Shockwave to blast him apart. xD
      Annoying fleshling.

      Lol! xD -snicker snicker- I was taking benchmarks, duuude! They're still lying about the Hooverdam! Everyone knows that's where the Allspark and Megatron were put under S7 for a bunch of years!
      Heh. maybe... But there's already a lotta fans here... I've just not really gotten out to socialize. O.O
      I want your room. lol. xD
      We're switching houses this summer I think. D:
      I love this house! So my mom and dad won't let me corver my room with posters or yeah...
    7. RocketScience
      How come we never VM here? D:
    8. RocketScience
      Hello twinny! -noticing you're on-
    9. RocketScience
      When will yah get on again? o,o
    10. RocketScience
      Yay! Awesome! ^o^
    11. RocketScience
      -Pokes- When will you get on? D:
    12. RocketScience
      Lol! You figured it out! xD
      -huggles BFFE-
      Yup! xD
    13. EvilGenius27
      Can I comment on my own page?? testing testing..
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