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Feb 19, 2020
Jul 18, 2019
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Evan Wellens

Hyped for MPM Jazz!, Male, 19, from New Jersey

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I think it's best for us all to see where exactly this tariff increase goes before we start losing it. Aug 29, 2019

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Feb 19, 2020
    1. BelnadesPistol
      I believe MPM Jazz has released.
      1. Evan Wellens
        Evan Wellens
        I know it dropped in Canada. I'm not sure about over here though. Hey, I'm glad that after that heated argument we can still be cordial. I'm really hyped for it. I love Jazz, and not showing him in Bumblebee was a crime.
        Sep 20, 2019
      2. BelnadesPistol
        I honestly don't care about Bumblebee lol. I eventually got over that. I did some research and figured out you can buy it online this month(according to TFSource), but it doesn't come out in stores until Nov.
        Sep 20, 2019
    2. Evan Wellens
      Evan Wellens
      I think it's best for us all to see where exactly this tariff increase goes before we start losing it.
    3. Evan Wellens
      Evan Wellens
      I don't think anybody expected the Arcee Sisters 3-pack to be that amazing. Mind blown.
    4. Evan Wellens
      Evan Wellens
      So I got a the recent G1 Bumblebee reissue, and it is easily one of the best Transformers I own. Who knew a 35 year old toy could be so fun!
      1. Venixion
        Congrats! It is a fun little toy. I'm kicking myself for not getting the Starscream reissue.

        I also recently got Soundwave's Casseticons. They have some cool detail, and feel good in hand. Not so sure about Ravage though.
        Aug 4, 2019
    5. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      Yes I have - I got the image from the actual plastic case of the sweets. I have not had the Psycho Rats ones so far though - I don't tend to buy popping candy or Sour sweets though as a rule.
      1. Evan Wellens
        Evan Wellens
        How come? Is your mouth sensitive to them. I know I can't eat sour Skittles because they immediately cause my teeth to hurt and they tear up my mouth. Even Warheads don't damage my mouth that bad.
        Aug 2, 2019
    6. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      Yes I like Sweets. & a Like to have an avatar someone else isn't likely to have.
      1. Evan Wellens
        Evan Wellens
        First off, I'm glad that went over well. Also you do have a good point about having a unique avatar. Now on the subject of sweets, have you ever had any sweets from the candy company your avatar is from? I heard they had something called "psycho rats" and those sounded interesting.
        Jul 27, 2019
    7. Evan Wellens
      Evan Wellens
      My current favorite figure is SS 38 Optimus Prime
    8. Evan Wellens
      Evan Wellens
      I need those Studio Series reveals ASAP!
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    Oct 24, 2002 (Age: 19)
    New Jersey
    I like to draw and write stories. I also love playing my old Nintendo DSI. I've the 2007 Transformers Autobots and Decepticons games more times than I'm willing to admit. SS 38 Optimus Prime is my favorite Transformers figure

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    Transformers Autobots/Decepticons for the DS is underrated!