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Jul 7, 2021
    1. evac167
      Saw it and got a screen shot of one of them
    2. Shatterpoint
    3. Shatterpoint
      I've only seen them in the weapon selection part of the trailer.
    4. Purple Heart
    5. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Yes, More of the bad guys like these.

      Might also be.
    6. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      We've seen both Bumblebees in one building, I bet they rebuild him there.

      "Mother says to trust you, I do as mother says."

      Drift.....you son of a bitch.. Like in IDW he will switch sides, He has a chinese Motiff so id say he was factory built and sold to Lockdown, later rebelled..

      So they might be sold or at least a product, I'ts possible some human betrayal takes place with the Chinese Factory.

      CrossHairs, and hound dont look like the others, I'd say they dont get upgrades...which makes sense.

      Stinger seems to be a Decepticon, but is seems a lot with the autobots and Galvatron. So again with the allaince.
    7. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      1. Kelsey Gramers group might be seperate from the chinese group, Actually the fact we see Tucci with both the "Mother of Transformers" and Cade shows they might be alligned.

      I'd assume their trying to get Megatrons head to rebuild him in hopes he can ally with the Autobots. I't seems he does not at first but later hopefully will.

      I think Lockdown has a pact with Grammer, Somethings up...

      The Dinobots are all based of British Knights, Including Optimus..

      I think the Autobots recieve some of their upgrades from the Chinese Factory.
    8. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I just had a massive influx of ideas, Wanna hear?
    9. Purple Heart
    10. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      ....Hmm, I'm pretty sure he's just an autobot that there like Jolt.

      Except i think the Autobots might have been with With Cades family for a while.

      1. The sonic has "Shane" on the side, Tessa's Boyfriends rally car.

      2. In the Possible leaked trailer description it says that the autobots stand protecting Cade's family in a circle.

      I't just seems there alternate modes are well adjusted to the area and to the family.

      I do think the Sonic is killed very early not only to help escape, but to show the audience that
      This is the Age of Extinction.
    11. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      And everything i told you winds up being true.
    12. primal789
      Hey,you heard what's up with Shia LaBeouf?Man,I think he is losing his mind!Seriously!
    13. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart

      I forgot about Galvs! And i'm the one who has stuck by him the whole time!
      He will be my first Galvatron ever! So i want him and BumbleBee.
    14. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I actually like the idea of a backpack.
      But not how the FE prime handled it.

      I'm really excited for the 2014 Camero Bumblebee.

      He's my spotlight toy for this line.


      Who ever would have thought that would happen.
    15. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      So..What do you think of the AOE FE Optimus?

      We'll get a better version down the line.
    16. HeroicC300

      I'm more interested in the Generations stuff over the AOE stuff. Makes me want to try and design some guys.
    17. tonyformer
    18. tonyformer
      yeah yeah, the Pagani believe in your gut thing.
    19. tonyformer
      What did I forget about? And I'm not telling you now ;)
    20. tonyformer
      What! What have we forgotten? Tell me now!!!! Lol.

      Oh, what do you get when you cross a Pagani with a robot?
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