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Apr 2, 2024
    1. Yohan PLMIXMB
      Yohan PLMIXMB
      Hi! I listen Eurobeats too!
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      2. Eurobeatking
        Dave Rodgers,hes a classic :). I also love anything from InitialD
        May 14, 2018
      3. Yohan PLMIXMB
        Yohan PLMIXMB
        Hah, Of Course, By Initial D i start listen Eurobeats
        May 14, 2018
      4. Eurobeatking
        Yep,same here. If not for that anime I wouldnt be into it.
        May 15, 2018
    2. eltonlin98
      Please ask him if he can get in some KBBQ as well

      ...I'm really sorry, I just had to
    3. eltonlin98
      Saw your post in the OS Hound thread. If you want a KBB Hound, I believe Benscollectables has a TFW2005 account. Perhaps you might be able to ask him directly where he got his
    4. daddytron
      I put it in our sightings forum but somebody did find Hot Spot yesterday morning at the Walmart on 215/flamingo. He left it there but took a pic. Hope it helps.
    5. OCProwl
      Cool man glad it worked out!
    6. OCProwl
      I haven't had to return anything so I can't say.
    7. Predaking000
      I ordered it through Chimungmung...the prices are good, and there are a few other things I wanted anyway. From all I've read online, though, no matter how carefully that pin is assembled, you'll still need to make sure to support that shoulder piece whenever your rotate the shoulders or move it, just to prevent the plastic around the pin from stressing. I have a feeling, it'll be hit and miss.
    8. Nevermore
    9. Nevermore
      If you find Hot Spot and Cyclonus at a brick and mortar store, you should post a thread in News & Rumors. A photo of the toys on the store shelf would be helpful too.
    10. nonmetal
      you could bid on this one. If you get it for under $100 U.S with free shipping than it is a pretty good deal. He is awesome. Finding the good KO is going to be hard because everyone copies the same picture. You don't know what you are going to get. This ebay one seems exactly right though. The official one also has a cool interactive desktop icon of Ravage. The auction ends 4 days from now.
      Takara Tomy Transformers Device Label Device Jaguar Ravage USB Memory Misb | eBay

      Also keep checking the TFW2005 sales board. He may pop up here or someone getting rid of the good KO.
    11. nonmetal
      Yeah it's a crapshoot, unless you request a photo from the seller on ebay. Amazon would be really tricky. Good thing is the Ko's are cheap. The Takara version is well worth it and the best if you can afford it.
    12. nonmetal
      Finally got the KO USB Ravage. It was totally different from the one in the ebay seller's photos. Lots of flashing and the mouth does not close. Total garbage. Don't order from this seller. NEW Transformer Ravage USB Flash Memory Drive Stick PEN Thumb 8GB | eBay
    13. Wars
      Thank you! :D
    14. nonmetal
      I got the long bodied Ravage Ko years ago off ebay. The one I modded with rockets is the Takara version, which was not cheap but WAY better. A couple weeks ago I ordered another KO that looks like the Takara version but it has not arrived yet. Ebay sellers are notorious for sending the wrong (long bodied) Ravage USB, so when it comes I will let you know if it is legit KO short bodied so you will know if seller is okay. It cost around $10.
    15. Sup3hobo
      It's actually Shoji Kawamori aka the lead designer of Macross valkyries, when he was looking over the recent Bandai 1/72 model kit.
    16. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Oh no, that's never happened.
      They just ask for ID at toys r us and I hate that, even with receipt in hand.
    17. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Not sure what you mean, but probably a figure review.
    18. DarkPrinceofKaon
      I'm most honored by your friend request. I look forward to talking to you more on the boards, good sir! :)
    19. Solrac333
    20. Red Lion Convoy
      Red Lion Convoy
      That's right, G1 Rodimus Prime reissue has rubber wheels along with G1 Rodimus Major reissue.
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