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Aug 19, 2018
Aug 16, 2007
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Aug 19, 2018
    1. amproadbuster88
      Okay ATM. Yeah, I've been around but not often till recently cause of AoE, liking some of the TFs and wanna see the movie, but yeah, same here, waiting for the new AoE figures. Oh nice! hope you get some good fish!
    2. amproadbuster88
      Hey man! Long time no see!
    3. ersico
      yes yes yes yes yes
    4. rumsawatti

      We both know you want to do this...;)
    5. rumsawatti
      That sucks, but its a good sign you are getting used to it though, the more you get used to it the easier it is to live with.
      I dont know if its just me or everyone is like this, but its hard to relate to people in pain, hell even animals. I dont like seeing it at all.
      Sweet, brings back memories of my few days with my turtle lol softshells have interesting faces, they have like some super sniffer or something lol I was just talking to a friend about when jellyfish used to wash up on the beaches early in the morning, I dont see that happen anymore.
      Wow, thats quite a deal, whats shipping to AU like? Is he just a collector or he has plans for all those figures?
    6. rumsawatti
      Nope, still school but not much, should be graduating in June, but ill be done with my classes long before then. I havent been online myself as much lately, in and out once in a while, I got my car back a while ago and kind of dedicated most of my time there lol Its running better then I ever thought, like a dream after waiting so long haha!
      How was the convention? You get a lot of interest in your glyos? I think you secretly brought a light to glyos because they didnt seem near as popular before I heard about them from you, I actually know people who know what glyos are now haha
      Nice! your business has grown pretty far, haha your work in general has grown a lot lol it was a while ago but doesn't seem that long since you just started getting into your creations.
      Hows the mouth and stuff? Any new pets? ;)
    7. rumsawatti
      Buuuudy! ^_^ Long time!, yahoo has been gay lately. Cant seem to find out how to message cause they changed up the damn layout. Whats up!?
    8. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      interesting, I might consider this for customizing fun if I happen to see one on sale. Just now am I starting to see some of the new wave guys, no Snakeweed yet, but I was happy to get Leatherhead even if he is a bit small and lacking inarticulation.
    9. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Hi! Is the Baxter Stockman 2012 figure's head attached to the mech by a balljoint or something else? I noticed you attached a glyos on it instead, did it require modding?
    10. rumsawatti
      That's a good point...
    11. rumsawatti
      I have a dilemma, I finished my classes for this year, next year is my senior year, I have two math classes to choose from, Calculus and statistics, But I dont know which to choose. Statistics I hear is considerably easier so my brother said do Calculus in highschool and leave stats for college...but i dont know, I kind of want to keep 12th grade as an easy year so I can determine where I want to go with my life lol But I dont want to murder my brain in college either.
    12. rumsawatti
      Thats insane. Start a nude protest! No work no clothes if no websites.
    13. rumsawatti
      pretty soon they will disable your H,E,L,I and O buttons on your keyboard so you cant greet anyone.
    14. rumsawatti
      Damn. They are slowly tracing you and cutting you down on your social life.
    15. rumsawatti
      Hows the wife and kids?
    16. rumsawatti
    17. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      yeah. He's a great toy. Shame about the TRU Price mark up. Price match Gurantee my aft
    18. Young Optimus14
    19. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Dude guess what FE I found at TRU? Also hope you had a good holiday and stuff
    20. rumsawatti
      yeah? that sounds good, let me see once i get my car back how much i owe and then maybe ill get around to that, hes really the only thing i managed to salvage from my collection so it would be worth it. I think my uncles going to do some half assed work though, hes had it three months and now hes deciding to rush it and just fix the major things, but the minor things can turn major things. Its really pissing me off right now, at this point i dont really care family or not. but ill hit you up for one hopefully soon.
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