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May 7, 2015
Apr 21, 2011
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May 7, 2015
    1. Lord N
      Lord N
      wow u have quite the FE collection
    2. Primus Productions
    3. Epsilon
      FE Screamer, FE terrorcon Cliffjumper and FE Arcee; also the FE SDCC Matrix OP. yeah that FE OP is awesome and for whatever reason, nigh impossible to find now. That is unless you pay the inflated rates on eBay.
    4. Lord N
      Lord N
      i have FE starscream i tried to get FE OP over the holidays but i never found him wut about U
    5. Lord N
      Lord N
      same here ill miss TFP i have all the of the main cast all i need is Unicron U
    6. Lord N
      Lord N
      my favs are Megatron, Starscream KO and Arcee although both of the waves are pretty cool do u buy the toys
    7. Lord N
      Lord N
      well I remember watching armada and cybertron but it wasn't until the Bay movies and TFP that I stared to really get interested and started buying the toy line do u watch TFP
    8. Lord N
      Lord N
      ur welcome so how long have u been into TFs
    9. Lord N
      Lord N
      hi :) nice sig :)
    10. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Transformers 3 Trailer - YouTube
    11. Spunky
      Hi Epsilon. Since you like my X-Files fanfic so much, I just want to let you know I rewrote parts of it. Well I had to since June Darby now knows about the bots. I at first didn't like June being in the know, but in terms of my fanfic, I do now. I decided to just have Mulder discover Optimus and the bots directly. I am going to have Scully learn about and discover the bots through June and then later team up with Ratchet. Plus, I feel June will serve the purpose that Scully's mom served in the show: as a female friend to talk to and relay stuff she doesn't feel comfortable relaying to others. (Scully's mom is probably deceased now.) That way, I can put a great deal of focus on Optimus and Mulder. Their friendship and interaction is at the heart of this story. I now know what to do with Unicron and the Black Oil from the X-Files and connect these two enemies. In the Comic Con TFP teaser video, it shows what looks like Dark Energon coming to Earth. It is probabely going to crash into that volcano and get liquidfied revealing the awakened lifeforce of Unicron within it. Well in the X-Files, the Grey aliens are the result of a sophisticated alien virus that lives in oil deposits within the Earth. When one become infected with the virus, it causes a new alien to grow within the human host and burst out within 90 hours or something. The virus can also control people and enhance their strength. It can even control machines so I am wondering if it can control Transformers as well as humans? Then I thought of something. What if the virus can live in and control much more than petroleum? Maybe there's a reason it is on Earth that is far greater than just conquering this planet and killing everyone. What if the virus can infect and control Energon in its liquid state? Maybe even Dark Energon? Maybe the aliens are here because they are aware of the prophecy that the Blood Of Unicron is coming to Earth to infect our planet with Unicron's lifeforce. Maybe their viral lifeforce feels that if it can remain here long enough for that to happen, it can infect and control Unicron's blood just like it infects and controls oil. By doing so, it can infect and control Unicron himself and have ultimate and unstoppable power! Just some crazy ideas.
    12. Spunky
      Hey Epsilon. If you want, I suggest you make a copy of my fanfic. I think I am taking it down. I'm getting rather discouraged with this site and its posters and just don't feel like posting anything anymore or working on anymore fanfics. Maybe my Transformers/X-Files crossover is just a dumb waste of time. X-Files is practically dead and the crossover is something that will never happen in real life anyways. They won't even make a comic of it though IDW wanted to do it 3 years ago. However, Fox, which owns the X-Files, wanted too much money for the rights. Sorry to be this way, but I am really sick of so many people on this board and just don't feel like being here anymore.
    13. TheTFReview
      hah yeah, i don't want to whore out my youtube lol but I am posting all my videos from BC on there if you wanna check them out.

      YouTube - ‪TheTFReview's Channel‬‏
    14. TheTFReview
      The whole thing was the highlight hah. I met Sean Long and got to hang out with him for a while, then he did an interview with me. I got to talk to the Cre-O guys and they did an interview too! I got pretty much everything I wanted. I stayed under budget. I was soo tempted to go back today lol.
    15. TheTFReview
      It was awesome!!! How about yours?
    16. TheTFReview
      It was nice meeting you today at Botcon!
    17. Black Oracle
      Black Oracle
      Thank you, new friend Epsilon! I did have a nice day!
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