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    1. QLRformer
      "Off planet?"
      The final battle was in the ignition chamber, which was part of Cybertron.
    2. plowking
      Merry Christmas!!
    3. QLRformer
      I like that new sig. It seems more fitting.
    4. Soundwavedredd2
      what do u mean
    5. TylerMirage
      I mean, I understand that yes, there are many things in the live-action movies that don't slavishly cater to "the source material" or even flat-out change it, but what I think a lot of people (somehow) forget is that "the source material" for a lot of these franchises is anywhere from 25-60 years old; and in that time has been reinvented to varying degrees many times over. Essentially all of the core concepts of the Transformers franchise are present in Bayformers, along with a lot of little concepts that are the same, altered slightly and changed. Bayformers is as true to the "source material" as it needs to be, in my opinion.
    6. TylerMirage
      So tired of this argument...
      You and me both.
    7. KayeMinor
      no, i am operating under the fact that he promised changed, and did not deliver it. or good change, that is.

      but we can't argue, anyway. it's against the rules to talk political. so we'll agree to disagree, or what?
    8. KayeMinor
      Oh, funny. Can you tell me what good Obama has done?
    9. KayeMinor
      I didn't vote for Obama. >:|
    10. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Hey guys, just stopping in to say that "The Departed" is the most bloated, overrated movie in many, many years.

      Carry on!
      I demand satisfaction! Pistols, 10 paces? :lol
    11. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Haha wonder why they did. Ha loved it that I was the first one. And the greatest post:p
    12. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Dude they deleted my post, and yours in the main device thread
    13. MTME
      if you are into fanfiction you should check it out
    14. MTME
      Love the Donatello avatar. Aren't you on the boards at Stealthy Stories? I'm a mod there (Leradomi)
    15. Bayless
      your avatar is gorgeous. whered you get it?
    16. einis
      I don't, but then again I admittedly have a pretty twisted sense of humor.
      hm..my friends don't either.they find it pretty funny(as do I ,most of the time)
    17. The Bucket Kitten
    18. eagc7
      Well they are not canon for you, but they are canon for me, now that theres no way for tie the comics with the adaptations comics (Now that John braber wrote a prose story where the fallen is freed from his relic, Now making the rotf adaptation NOT Canon to the idw comics and Having barricade die in the adpatation of Movie 1 btu having him alive in Reign of starscream and other stuff)
    19. eagc7
      As of now there is no Primus in the movie canon.
      There is a movieverse primus, read Tales of the fallen 4 fallen claism they are the childern of primus, and foudnation claism Sentinel is a direct desendant of Primus (the first cybertronian)
    20. OrionsBelt
      Maybe not in the movies, but maybe there will be some cartoon in the future that could team up Ironhide and Sideswipe, the learning years. I think some sort of Autobot academy might actually work. People got into a wizarding school for 10 years, so why not Transformers?
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