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Sep 13, 2012
    1. Blackout32
      I live in NW alabama so if you wanna add me you can. Have you gotten Warbot yet cause this TF is awesome. I just got 1 in from BBTS and I am loving it already.
    2. LoC Soundwave
      LoC Soundwave
      It's from Keitai Sousakan 7, a Japanese drama show. I'm using it as my avatar on a lot of sites, youtube specifically. Maybe it was there?
    3. Blitz.
      sure I dont mind peeps using my stuff for avitars I see it as a huge compliment.

      As for a day job I actually work in a PC store as a salesman/customer service guy its a far cry from what I'm trained in but I've got bills to pay and I like the guys that I work with
    4. planetjacker
      Not certain about the toys. You gonna fly or drive? Orlando is only about 10hrs away by car.
    5. planetjacker
      I'm not gonna be able to make Botcon this year. Which is a shame. I've never been and this is likely to be the closest its ever gonna be to me.
    6. planetjacker
      Nice to see someone else from AL around here. There don't seem to be many of us.
    7. Grifter Prime
      Grifter Prime
      First 5 of each are out, plus extras 10 each plus 10 shipping.
    8. ILoveDinobot
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    Thanks Blitz. for letting me use your awesome art for my sig!