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Oct 13, 2016
Oct 5, 2006
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Oct 13, 2016
    1. nomolos
      Could you let me know what's up? Sent money back on the 18th and can't seem to get a reply now through PM about the status of my purchase. It's cool if you need time but just a heads up or something man.
    2. Mystic Metal
      Mystic Metal
      Hey David.
      Sent a couple of PMs but not sure if they're going through.
      Please contact me about Revolver.
    3. Vkrylian
      Asked about Dirge but changed my mind on it. Please disregard my email. Thank you.
    4. clintfca
      Hey, sent you a PM about that Cubrar head. Appreciate if you can look into it for me. Thanks!
    5. clintfca
      Hey encline, I got your PM about red Cubrar head. I replied twice that I'm interested but didnt get a response back. I'm starting to wonder if there are outgoing issues with my PM because somebody else PM me and I responded but they never got back to me either. Anyways let me know if you're still interested in making that transaction. Hopefully you'll get this post.
    6. Superquad7
      Hey, I accidentally pmed you. Feel free to holler back with something unrelated :D

      "Oops, my bad!" :)
    7. Superquad7
      Yo boy, hope everything is going well on your end of the world :)
    8. CaptainX1
      dude do you have anything new to show us? also congratulations on the job with hasbro!
    9. biscuits
      Um, you may want to resize your sig. It's kind of massive. Bigger than my 24" screen massive :p
    10. Onslaught24
      Hey man, I don't know if your PM box is full but I was wonderin if I could maybe commission a sculpted Snipenose head from you? There was an "incident" with my custom and long story short: it got left in NC thanks to my bro :redface2:. If you want, I can send you my customs email so we don't clutter each other's PM boxes.
    11. Ce2Know
      Whats going on Encline. You had some paint tips that seemed real on point. I respect your skills and how you openly network and pass on your knowledge. Please believe I will be stopping by your pages trying to learn more. L8tr
    12. Superquad7
      Hey got yer pm last night and was just hit with tons of stuff last night. I'll certainly vet back with ya!
    13. Superquad7
      This is no lie.
    14. Altitron
      Can you add me to the WA customizers social group? Thanks.
    15. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      encline, you might want to check your sig. It's WAY over the size limit from what I can tell.
    16. Vexwing
      Hey Encline, I'd like to request joining the WA state customizers. I have only a few customs under my belt so far, but I would greatly appreciate joining the group.

    17. GrandMaXimus
      Hey man, what's going on with arcee? Been a really long time dude.
      Can the joints be tightened at all on that monster WFC Prime?
    19. corvetico
      Hey encline, how you doing, i just want to ask you, for the basics conectors or pegs for make a custom devastator like yours, i just saw you helped to others to build customs, can i ask you where I can find that,I just need some orientation and what do you think about a iwata silver jet air compressor its going to be good to paint my custom devastator.??? thanks for the advice. thanks
    20. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Hey man nice custom of TF Prime Megatron. I saw you said that he is your second favorite Megatron in bot mode, so who is first?
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