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I claim your sun!

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Jul 2, 2020
    1. EmperorDinobot
    2. Shortwave
      Cool any ideas?
    3. Shortwave
      Yeah it was a subject that came up a few weeks ago so i was looking for ideas to draw a team.
    4. IceMagnus
      Nothing really, I'd thought I'd drop by and say hello. The name is IceMagnus but you can call me Icey.
    5. IceMagnus
    6. Surge
      I was browsing the Miko hate thread earlier and came across this.

      I'm a pint sized dork (4'10) who can fluently speak German, Spanish, French, Italian, English and possibly Cybertronian if I were to learn it. I've also majored in both Geology, Computer science and I'm a student senator. I'm also latino, like Raf. You got a problem with that?
      Dude, if I offended you in any way, I sincerely apologize. I admit I could've used a better choice of words. Have a good one.
    7. eagc7
      I love the movie style. I want it to die, mostly because I have no more space for them, but before it dies, I must acquire both Soundwaves, G1 retool of Que/Wheeljack, and in the name of Primus, I really wanna see a Mirage figure, and hopefully a Crankcase.

      Then the line can die.
      there is already a crankcase, he was released in Wave 1 (as Both Legion and Deluxe)
    8. HeroicC300
      I haven't rebuilt him yet. BTW, how much would you pay for a full set? I'm trying to sell all my Mctoran, Toa, Turaga, and Borhok in six-piece lots.
    9. Keith Prime
      Keith Prime
      Trust me. Revenge of the Fallen is what ROTF should have been like.
      I think you mean Dark of the Moon is what RotF should've been like... Except, I've heard some spoilers that make it sound just as bad. Op acting like a 'Con? What the Slag!?

      A friend finally got it, so I'll probably get to borrow it soon... But still... Optimus is all aobut Noble & believing in redemption; betrayal isn't a part of what Optimus has ALWAYS (prior to Bay) stood for
    10. Keith Prime
      Keith Prime
      Not sure if you noticed (you hadn't commented, when you often do, so I figure you either didn't see or you've been busy), but I finally updated yesterday: Update 23: Con at Work.

      Elevated Headache is still limiting how many pages I can look at each day, so I've still not caught up on your comic. Sorry. I'll let you know when I resume reading it.
    11. Fifam94
      Would you be willing to let the HA jazz go for 20?
    12. Keith Prime
      Keith Prime
      Believe me you want to read the next post on Basement Wars. Ch 1 has dragged on unnecessarily, but I am trying to do a good job story-wise this time around. And I mean a really good job. I mean it's basically gonna be ROTF with ripoffs from things seen before, but it's solely transformers. Might see a couple of Bat-cameos. But yeah. It's gonna get hella scary. You think the great tragedy was bad? nooo...This is WAR. That was had no reason to be. This one does. You'll see what kind of a sob The Fallen is, and other Decepticons get their spotlight as well.
      I didn't get to read the latest update of Warring at Play (the Funny I joined the site to comment on), posted weeks ago, until TODAY, much less finish your first story! I'll get to yours when I can. My head is still acting up... Though I'm back to working on my comic. I should get the next update up sometime next week.

      I hope your head is doing fine. Ever tried doing memory exercises? Kinetic healing and so on?
      I tried my Martial Arts meditiation techniques immediately after my accident, & they shorted out. They no longer can be maintained, & actually make the headache worse when I try from time to time.
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