Nov 18, 2011
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Reached a 4846 post and 4846 like ratio on Christmas. Dec 25, 2022

    1. electronic456
      Reached a 4846 post and 4846 like ratio on Christmas.
    2. electronic456
      Every once in a while, I'm here.
    3. electronic456
      To the people who hate me; know that I don't hate you. I'm just frustrated with how you conduct yourself.
    4. vatarian
      I know it was mostly the other dude lmao, I just couldn't say "holy fuck I'm laughing at this dipshit and your perfect, minimalistic replies" because the mods might. Like. Take offense.
      1. electronic456
        No harm done. It's all good. :)
        Apr 14, 2018
    5. Scorpio
      I've listed many times that I see the potential in the movie-verse. I enjoyed the first movie and joined before ROTF - hence why I listed the movie-verse as my favourite because the series dropped dramatically with ROTF and beyond. It has good CGI and in the hands of a talented writer, director and editor it could be a good series of films. The issue being simply that the movies at the moment kind of suck - hence why I'm working on a semi-personal fan-edit.
    6. MTME
      just wanted to say don't be surprised if you don't get a news credit for your tv spot I didn't get one for my and it wasn't front paged either. They claimed it didn't have any new footage (which it did) and just said oh well that's our decision.
    7. eltonlin98
      No problem! I like to have people who can discuss in a civil matter about topics as my friends (:
    8. Novaburnhilde
      No problem! :)
    9. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Thanks! :wink:
    10. User_136440
      I had a bit of a meltdown :S It happens!
    11. optimusfan
      I see it in IE.
    12. User_136440
      Hehe I know... it reminds me a bit of Memphis Belle crossed with Christina Agulera or something lol I think it's kind of cool though, in a campy sort of way - I almost think it'd make a cool tattoo if I had a beefy enough arm to get away with it ;)
    13. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Thanks man, I appreciate it.
    14. JetFormers
      Haha yea! You'll be surprise. :D
    15. JetFormers
      Yup sure is! :)
    16. eagc7
      I find it ironic that Que's side hairs reminds me of G1 Wheeljack's glowing ears.

      People can still disagree if they like........ :)
      considering he's meant to be Movie Wheeljack :p
    17. eagc7
      no worries
    18. eagc7
      But Bay previously said she won't be back.

      Megan Fox Will Not Return For Transformers 4 - Transformers News - TFW2005
      you know Bay have lied alot in the past for keep the return of a character secret or for avoid spoilers?

      1. he said Megatron was not returning in ROTF, he did
      2. he said Shockwave was going to be the main villian in DOTM, he was not
      3. he said Soundwave was not a Mercedes in DOTM, he was
    19. QLRformer
      I enjoyed reading that. :)
      Well, at least ONE person got through it all :lol. Thank you.

      But do you think it's okay?
    20. QLRformer
      Your Bonecrusher avatar is soo cute! :) It's adorable!
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